Friday, November 29, 2013

more on the A and A wedding

The wedding of A and A as we have called it,
was fantastic, fun, great!
The Photo booth was a blast, and Amanda and Arthur
were so so cute together.
I swear, Arthur's childhood grin never left his face.
We danced much, a lot, 
and the both set of parents put on a funny montage of 
different dances as their children sat and watched.
It was the highlight of the night, a surprise for their children.
Sixty five years totalled the amount of years the
Rousse and Guidry couples have been married.
When I had a minute with my dear nephew,
we spoke of the old days when he cried to come sleep by
"Aunt Lil" when his back was small enough to fit in my 
whole hand, when a night with him always consisted of
the request, 
"I want some JUIEY"
That boy could not go through a night without drinking 
some juice. I then teased him about not waiting very 
long to make his momma some "Sugar Babies"
and his comment?
I am going to work on that tonight.
OHHHHH I love this child!
Later on that night, as we all made a train to 
Mardi Gras line dancing,  I find myself right behind
the new couple. I get Amanda's attention and
tell her that Arthur said tonight they working on babies.
She is glowing when she says to me while tapping his chest,
"This is my HUSBAND"
So, so proud to say he is now her husband.
They will have a wonderful life those two.

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