Saturday, November 2, 2013


You blog pals, ya'll know my preferred name
for grandmother is Mumsie.
It is what I one day hope to be called although
I have become quite fond of hearing the bean say
"Muzie". Down the bayou the word
Mua-zee is cajun slang for mildew.
I jokingly say I am the only grandmother who 
will be called mildew by my grandchildren.
Now that I have explained that,
on to the title of this post,
"Muzie, why..."
It is what I hear often these days.
The bean has many questions as she continues to learn.
Today was our first adventure with garage sales
so I decided to approach it as I used to with
my gypsy baby. I told her we were going on 
an adventure,
"Muzie, an adventure?"
"Yes, sweet girl, a treasure hunt"
"Muzie, why... "
Then I explain that people have stores at
their houses with things they don't want anymore
and if we like it we can buy it for cheap"
"Muzie, and me, I can buy some?"
"Yes, anything you want"
Oh she was the sweetest. 
"Muzie, we can walk okay, lets walk"
such a trooper, so gracious.
Each time she bought something for herself  she
"Muzie and for Lizzie?"
Yes sweet girl one for you and one for Lizzie
A wonderful morning just the bean and I.
She is a natural, a picker, a treasure hunter.
Then this to warm my heart on a day that
it could use a little warming.
"Muzie, why you have some toys?"
"Because Muzie loves toys and to play."
"Muzie, why you like to play?"
"Because I don't want to grow up all the way."
"Muzie, why?"
Oh my sweet, sweet little bean,
what should I say here.
Because to grow up comes with lots of problems.
If you grow up all the way you forget the little things
that are so much fun like coloring and painting
and making arts and crafts.
Like feeding fish not just so they eat but also
so that we can sit there for 15 minutes, calling
our fish by name and watching their eating patterns.
I don't want to grow up all the way because
I would not take the time to go and feed the birds
and fish and turtles with you.
Or what about the live ladybug you found today?
If I acted like the grown up I am supposed to be
I may not have helped you catch it or let it crawl
up and down our arms and hands, I may not
have allowed you to release it to the imaginary
family that we spoke of.
It took at least 10 minutes, if I was all grown I may
have just said we had to go, we didn't have time.
If I grew up all the way maybe I wouldn't
take extra time to rock you and tickle you
and sing silly songs to you. Maybe I wouldn't
take the time to explain the slang,
"ants in your pants"
or dance while you play the piano.
And there is acting out the stories I tell you
like the big bad wolf. Taking the time to not only let
you be the little pig but also letting you be the
big bad wolf too.
Instead, I share,
"Bean, I don't want to grow up all the way
because I want to always play with you.
"What Pookie?"
"I am glad you a little girl, you my friend."
Oh my Bean, and you are mine...


  1. Precious Angel!!!

    1. Second Star to the right and straight on till morning! You GO Mumzie....we will never grow up!!!

      Love you and Bean...Grandmother Becky

  2. thanks for that, Grandmother Becky! Can't wait to meet your Bean!