Saturday, November 23, 2013

another loss to the TES family

As we, the wedding families prepare to spend the day
with Arthur and Amanda, celebrating their union,
part of me is with another family of mine.
The TES family, the school that will always be mine.
Yesterday a dear friend to all, died.
Evelyn was one of our maintenance group.
Never an enemy, never will you have ever heard her
say, "Can't to that right now"
(pictured in blue suit)
Never did her lips ever say, 
"Not my job" or "Can't help"
She, like so many others at TES, were there
for the betterment of the children.
She was a giving woman. Still visited
and cared for her ex-husband who was in a nursing home.
When I questioned her about this years ago,
she said, "He is my children's father"
A firecracker, hard worker and don't let her
under a hundred pounds build fool you.
that girl was an Ox! 
My last few months there, she came to me feeling sick.
Because she never complained, because she looked terrible,
I had her go to the emergency room.
She was diagnosed with pneumonia, but I wonder if more
tests would have been done, would they have found the cancer
that took her from us sooner.
Having gotten the diagnose of cancer just a few weeks ago
her body was too weak, too ill to fight off anything
that may have come to her.
The cancer was too advanced. 
Yesterday, her family had her removed the machines and
let her go to her Maker.
So this morning, as my adrenalin is pumped about our 
family gathering, a small part of me is with my
TES family saddened by the loss of a most wonderful woman.
Ev, you will be missed and your love for children will
never leave the halls of TES.
Hoping you and Gina B. are dancing with the angels today.
I remember how much you loved to dance.....

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  1. So sorry about Ev, Lilly. Praying for all of you.