Friday, November 29, 2013

more on the A and A wedding

The wedding of A and A as we have called it,
was fantastic, fun, great!
The Photo booth was a blast, and Amanda and Arthur
were so so cute together.
I swear, Arthur's childhood grin never left his face.
We danced much, a lot, 
and the both set of parents put on a funny montage of 
different dances as their children sat and watched.
It was the highlight of the night, a surprise for their children.
Sixty five years totalled the amount of years the
Rousse and Guidry couples have been married.
When I had a minute with my dear nephew,
we spoke of the old days when he cried to come sleep by
"Aunt Lil" when his back was small enough to fit in my 
whole hand, when a night with him always consisted of
the request, 
"I want some JUIEY"
That boy could not go through a night without drinking 
some juice. I then teased him about not waiting very 
long to make his momma some "Sugar Babies"
and his comment?
I am going to work on that tonight.
OHHHHH I love this child!
Later on that night, as we all made a train to 
Mardi Gras line dancing,  I find myself right behind
the new couple. I get Amanda's attention and
tell her that Arthur said tonight they working on babies.
She is glowing when she says to me while tapping his chest,
"This is my HUSBAND"
So, so proud to say he is now her husband.
They will have a wonderful life those two.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

( Bean's first Thanksgiving)
For the last four mornings, I have woken with friends and family.
Yesterday, the Bestie Laurie, the bestie babies,
the bestie baby's bestie,
and the two godchildren, Cami and Nee' all left
to go back to their own lives.
this morning, it was a very quiet one.
Wonderful company, wonderful conversations,
much bonding, much to be thankful for....
So this morning, I am basking in the wonderfulness of
family and friends. Today, I will spend my day with Kd and Bean
along with her family at "MawMaw Janice's" home.
It is a wonderful thing that when the two families of 
the union of BB and Katie began they accepted us as
family. So much to be thankful for.
I am thankful that, although I miss my job so,
I am financially able not only to retire but live comfortably.
I am thankful that although our marriage, like most,
is far from perfect, mines to HOBL is one that
he enjoys his job and the fact that I am now a stay home wife.
He has made some changes in his life that I am also thankful for.
It has been a rough few years in our marriage, and now
I can see that we are back on the upswing and although
hard, we have still remained committed to the relationship as well
as each other.
I am thankful for my children, that they are both very happy,
very productive citizens. I am thankful that Baby boy and Kd
are so much in love, such a good couple and because of t his,
such good parents to Bean and the new Baby to come in May.
Thankful that gypsy baby has a new love, one that is more fitted to her,
one that has our family union becoming stronger yet again.
I am nothing without time with my babies.
I am thankful for my siblings, my nieces and nephews,
and the great ones also, Those who love me and understand that
I have to have them in my life, always.
I am the happiest when being surrounded by Kids.
I am thankful that they allow me to not only be part
of the kids in their lives but be active in their lives.
Very thankful for such wonderful friends, those
who have been there since childhood, like the besties
and those that are new, those that I have met via the nursing career
and those who I have befriended from my many places I have 
taught religion. I am a blessed person to have so many friends,
people who love me, people who allow me to love their children.
Thankful for friends in the medical profession who have known me
for a long time. Those who knew me before Chronic Pain became
my way of life. My sweet Dr. Pitre, Pam all those who 
help me with the issues of being a thankful cancer survivor
who suffers from the repercussions of those very treatments 
that saved my life. I don't know what I would do without these
dear friends. I can call/text these women anytime and they
will make the time to help me. Wonderful peeps!
Then last but definitely never, never least, is my Bean.
Oh my Bean!
I have said often no words in the dictionary to explain the love
between a Mumsie ( grandmother) and her grandchildren.
I didn't expect to love her so darn much.
I didn't expect to beam with pride with everything she does.
I didn't expect to have a friend in such a little tyke.
I didn't expect her to love me so much as she does.
I didn't expect that she would love miniatures like I do,
along with scrapping, "awt wowk" and books.
Tea parties, and singing, we have so much in common.
I know people have to get sick of just how much I speak of her.
She is not replaceable and I find myself, when not with her,
always thinking of her,what she is doing.
If I am somewhere where she is not, my mind is always thinking,
"Geezer, Bean would love this!"
So on this wonderful Thanksgiving morning, I find many reasons
to be thankful. With Christmas right around the corner,
it seems as though many stores, people are going straight from
Halloween to Christmas.
Let us not forget to be Thankful, not just this day, but all days
for all the good in our lives. 
With the thanksgiving, let us also remember those
who have suffered this year.
Those who have had to say goodbye to people they love way too soon.
To all the parents who have had to kiss their babies goodbye before
they expected. To the grandparents who suffer the loss of 
their own grandchildren. I cannot even imagine this...
Life is sometimes complicated, hard to understand
but if you look around, there is always, always much to be 
thankful for.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

another loss to the TES family

As we, the wedding families prepare to spend the day
with Arthur and Amanda, celebrating their union,
part of me is with another family of mine.
The TES family, the school that will always be mine.
Yesterday a dear friend to all, died.
Evelyn was one of our maintenance group.
Never an enemy, never will you have ever heard her
say, "Can't to that right now"
(pictured in blue suit)
Never did her lips ever say, 
"Not my job" or "Can't help"
She, like so many others at TES, were there
for the betterment of the children.
She was a giving woman. Still visited
and cared for her ex-husband who was in a nursing home.
When I questioned her about this years ago,
she said, "He is my children's father"
A firecracker, hard worker and don't let her
under a hundred pounds build fool you.
that girl was an Ox! 
My last few months there, she came to me feeling sick.
Because she never complained, because she looked terrible,
I had her go to the emergency room.
She was diagnosed with pneumonia, but I wonder if more
tests would have been done, would they have found the cancer
that took her from us sooner.
Having gotten the diagnose of cancer just a few weeks ago
her body was too weak, too ill to fight off anything
that may have come to her.
The cancer was too advanced. 
Yesterday, her family had her removed the machines and
let her go to her Maker.
So this morning, as my adrenalin is pumped about our 
family gathering, a small part of me is with my
TES family saddened by the loss of a most wonderful woman.
Ev, you will be missed and your love for children will
never leave the halls of TES.
Hoping you and Gina B. are dancing with the angels today.
I remember how much you loved to dance.....

Friday, November 22, 2013


When you are raising your children, you worry.
Yes, you worry about a lot, shoot you worry about everything.
You worry about if something you do when they are
young will influence their adult life.
It is not until they grow up that you can breath a sigh of
relief if they turn out to be wonderful human beings,
an asset to society. Such is where I am with my babies right now.
I am beaming with pride. It is hard to brag of them constantly 
to people as it would be boring to others as well as 
probably obnoxious. Here on my blog, I can do that.
First my gypsy baby.
To decide to live the life of a gay woman is not easy.
She makes me proud every day.
She is nocturnal but works often at her job
at the steak house at the casino.
She does not complain about working hard.
Now she is in a relationship with the girl I will call
Mae-Mae for blog purposes. A momma knows when
"She is the one"
She is beautiful, down to earth, knows how to have fun
and adores my gypsy baby.
Spending time with her for Renaissance festival,
watching those two together, I know my baby is happy.

The "other Riera family"
is in the process of building their dream home.
I call it their dream home because they both sat
and drew their own house plans. 
They are an amazing couple, Bean is so darn lucky.
The home is now being built and the blocking is
going quickly. Almost every day we ride there
as so many changes are taking place.
A few days ago, as I walked through
the 2 by 4 walls that are going up now with my 
baby boy, as he mapped it out for me,
I could tell his excitement and oh, how proud I 
am to be his momma. A hard working son,
the best hubby and daddy a family could ask for.
Their home will be beautiful and that they made
it themselves, it will be one of a kind.
I know HOBL and I , we did a lot right.
I am sure we did a lot wrong but as adults,
I am proud to say, they are mine.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wedding bells a' ringing

We, in the Collins/Rousse
families along with Amanda's family are getting
prepared for the wedding of the year.
The uniting of Arthur and Amanda.
Arthur is my sis C oldest son, one that I watched
grow up along side of my own children.
Our families love weddings. This one will
be great because this union is a perfect one.
Amanda and Arthur both love the life they have
already began to build together, this Saturday only
seals the deal. They are so cute together, so in love
and both are very ready for this union.
As for the families?
We love, love, love a party.
There is that church the sisters, the brother will sit.
We will stand when our dear sister walks down that aisle
as she is ours and we are hers.
We will dance together at this reception, eat lots, laugh lots
and celebrate. Yet, as I told Arthur and Amanda the true test
of a marriage has nothing to do with that day but
the longevity of the marriage.
There will be good days and bad times,
but as long as the union is number one in their lives
they will survive. Both are from long standing marriages,
they have been taught what commitment means and now
it is their turn to try it. 
Hoping my sis and brother in law soon have
"sugar babies" to fill their lives with.
Saturday, a union, a party.
 amanda and arthur

 arthur and his auntie lil
the rousse family, my sis, C and her boys

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Bragging time for the HOBL....
HOBL grew up with little.
Because of this, he loves to save.
He has saved for our future and because of this I
know as elderly people we will live comfortably.
Lately, he has had a change of belief.
Often I would tell him,
"Why don't we spend money on the people we love now
rather thatn saving for after we gone? Shouldn't we
enjoy seeing them while we are here/"
Something changed his thoughts and heart.
There is a Bible verse saying 
Funny when we are able to see this in action.
He has surprised myself and the kids with vacations.
Things we could not have without his help.
Just when he decides he will live differently,
he also applied for a new position at work.
In the past he had applied for different positions
but this time, he was asked to take the promotion.
I am so happy for him as it is something he wanted so badly.
There is some truth in that the more you give, the more you
receive. Not only has he had the blessing of watching
people he cares about be thankful for his help,
his giving but now also a position that comes with a raise.
HOBL,  he is a good man, a good provider and 
now, will be a good boss to those he will lead in
his new position.
If I don't say it often enough, 
"Thanks HOBL for being a provider to me,
to our children. Thanks for giving to those who could
not afford luxuries at this time in their lives."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Renaissance festival was a big success!
HOBL and I both agreed that it would not be much
fun anymore if not for bringing people who had
never been before as we have seen it all many times.
Yet, when seeing it through those who have never
been before, well it adds something to the trip.
Gyspy baby and her love, "MaeMae"
(her name for blog purposes)
also joined and Gypsy baby says it's cute the way
I have to go into the shops and find out about the people 
behind the Renaissance. So brings this blog.
I walk into a doll shop....
Oh yes, they had one!
I fall in love with not only the Marionettes, handmade dolls
but with the woman behind the counter.
I begin to ask about her dolls.
Each are homemade except for the ones on her right
were earned by her from the artists for making the
costumes the bestow. Her dolls are beautiful but
the only ones I can afford are the Marionettes.
She has about 10 left, speaks of a great season,
selling many dolls. After looking at each for a long time
Gypsy Baby helps me choose the one here.
I ask the "maker" what is her name?
"They don't come with names, that is up to the purchaser"
"What is your name?" I ask
"Sara" Then Sara she will be. More, I need more.
"I am from London, I married my husband when I was 15, 
he was 16. He came to London and after knowing me for
three days he said he had to take me to the states.
I told him if he wanted to take me to America, he would
have to marry me. He did and 54 years later, we still married"
I can tell by her tone of voice, she is still as in love with
him as that day. I enquire about her shops.
"This is my shop" she raises her hands and I look around
her simple but oh so cute and built by her husband.
I find out she and he travel the United States Renaissance festivals
where she has little shops just like this.
She has had 4 children and her oldest daughter actually
has the booth right next to her where
she does hand weaving....
Sometimes hard to believe that others actually live the
'Bohemian life'
the gypsy life.

Monday, November 18, 2013

POP, a hero to his girls....

My brod-in-law,
C.J. as I have called him,
Nonc Jay as my children call him,
Pop, as his grandchildren call him.
A quiet saint, a gentle man....
 Married to my sis, Veronica for, like, forever.
An amazing man who probably does not know just
how important he is to so many.
Friday night, as myself and TEdi-girl and Ange'
along with Tiffy roast wienies and Marshmallows
I also bring out a books I love called 
"IF" and "What would you do?"
It is a series of questions to be asked to a group
of people, life situations given to begin deep conversations
from those participating.
Tedi-girl and Ange' are Pop's two oldest grandchildren.
I ask them one question,
"If you had to pick one person in your life who means
much to you and you would like to tell them
how important they are to you, who would that be?"
Both the girls say almost simultaneously,
"POP" I am touched by this,
Pop? I ask.
They then begin to explain to me how much they love
him, how he is the one person in their lives that
they don't tell often enough how much they love them,
how fair he is to them, how he is always there when other men
are not. He misses very little that his grandchildren are involved in.
After a few minutes of this discussion I ask the second part of 
the question in the book...
"What are you waiting for?"
The girls, both teenagers now, look at each other,
they shrug their shoulders, they look at me.
They don't know what they are waiting for.
Then being the mushy Auntie Lil I am, I suggest that
both of them sit down and write a love letter to their dear Pop.
I share that not only will that touch him deeply, but they
should not put it off and regret the fact that they should have
if something happens to their wonderful Pop.
Yep, the story could end right there and it would be 
a most touching blog.
More to the story.
The next day we begin our day together by going to 
one of Plaquemine's garage sale stores.
there as we browse for treasures, I spot a vintage 
coffee mug, the brownish old type. 
I turn it around and am surprised to see right there on
the mug in big, black, bold letters is the word
Not grandpa, not pappy, only the one single word
they call one of the most important men in their lives.
Again, the girls look at each other and know they 
will buy this mug. I buy it for them, it's only a quarter
but worth so much more.
Now I tell them they are to write those letters we spoke about
and place it in the mug that I know will become one of 
his most prized possessions.
A wonderful man, that Pop.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If I could change the world

I know it could not happen, myself, changing the world
but if I could....if I could...
So many things I would change.
In my world changing there would:
I could fill this blog up with others but these are those
that I have been affecting me these last few weeks.
I look at my list and realize, although we don't understand this world,
I know the Big Man has his reasons for those things that don't
follow my perfect list. I also realize that if all these
were to become real, Earth would be called HEAVEN.
So, we strive, we strive to be better people, to work on
our part to make the World a better place by living by 
the golden rule, loving with all our hearts, and to be the
change we want in the world.
Tomorrow is the day she has major surgery to remove the
dreaded big "C" from her lung.
She is always happy, always so positive in her thinking,
has no doubt that this will not bring her down, that she
will beat this thing and yet, I know, deep down,
she has to be frightened. I know she is more worried about
her family worrying about her than for herself.
It is her nature. I have a good feeling about her future.
Like the big "C" should know by now not to pick a
Collins Woman to reek havoc on... big "C" rarely wins
against a Collins.
I love you dear, Fay and although I will not be there in body,
My heart, my prayers, my spirit tomorrow will be with you.
Soon you will be able to join the survivor list.
Can't wait until it doesn't hurt to laugh because
us sisters are a'comin to Lacombe with many many 
laughs and love!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday, as it should be...

I am late on posting about my adventure on Friday.
I have been a tad busy.
Friday, Friday, Friday.....
it was the most fun I have had I think since
the Mommy died.
I started my day with visits with dear friends,
Linsey and Wendy.
Saturday Lins was having her baby shower and I
couldn't make it but I think our visit was even better
because we were able to sit and talk for 
an hour and a half. To talk about the "deep stuff"
like the love of a Mother to her child,
what is about to happen to MiMi, Wendy,
that there are no words I can tell her that would 
even begin to explain how her life is about to change.
She thinks she knows, I did too.
Oh but I cannot wait to speak to her once baby
ELLA K. is put in her arms for the first time.
Like all visits with those you love,
it passed too fast, 
Then it was sister day.
The one day a month that we attempt, very hard,
to get together on behalf of our Mommy,
she would want that. 
Mone couldn't make it and believe me when
I say we all said many times, 
"Wish Taunt was here!"
It was our first time to go back to Mommy's favorite place
besides the Manor, Amelia Belle.
Oh Amelia Belle...
We were starving, really hungry and sister Rosie,
being the casino chick she is, had enough
points on her AB card to treat us all to free buffet.
Okay, the Collins sisters, the one thing we love almost
as much as each other?
Yes, that would be FOOD
We love our Food!!!
The Buffet had shrimp!
AS Bubba Gump would say...
Could go on. I and my typcial self, really had my eyes
on the prize.... Chocolate fountain!
Oh my, pound cake, strawberried and marshmellows
with skewers to dip in the chocolate.
Oh Be Still, My Heart!
The fun though had yet to begin.
We seperated for a bit but then decided
we had to find our favorite HOT SHOT machines
and attempt to get some together.
Three in a row, with 15 free spins with every three bonuses spun.
Okay, you would have thought we were winning thousands
of dollars with the way we were hooting and hollering
for just winning the free spins.
Pennies, dear readers, yes, penny slots and we were a screaming!
Laughing screaming, cheering, dancing!
You have to know we must have been loud when
a few security guards came to make sure we were okay
or needed escort. One young one jokingly said
he thought he was coming to get a Millionaires autograph,
only to find out we had spun a 6 dollar win.
I have never been to a casino where I was asked to 
try and be a little quieter. Then the big security boss
came down from the upstairs office and asked us
very nicely to lower our excitement by just a little,
that she had gotten complaints that we were scaring the elderly 
gamblers... Are You Serious!???
We may have lowered our octave but we definitely did not
lower our silent cheering and dancing for each other.
None of us wanted to have it end.
It was a great night, Mommy would have been so proud.
I missed them.
When I got in my car to go home, yes I was already
lonesome. These girls? They were are family,
my first best friends. all there from the first day
I took my first breath. We may argue, we may sometime
have enough of each other but we always, always,
always love and have each others back.
IF there is one thing in my whole life I would not every
change, that would be the family I was born to,
the sisters that I call mine.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quitting the NFL, not heard of often...

He is not a Famous NFL name to me, Maybe not to many
Yet, this morning, this story has me wondering,
how many people ever leave a job such as the NFL
due to he is just not happy.
Much respect to him as I have always wondered,
why are professional atheletes make so much money
compared to nursing and teachers, those who save lives
and those who teach our future.
Oh, and not let me forget those men and women who
protect us and our country.
I also have often thought just as he, you have to be
crazy to allow your body to sustain abuse every day knowing
that each day you could be injured or killed.
I have much respect for the player who has decided happiness
does matter, even if you make so much money.
Someone will pick him up to either coach or announce,
I am sure, kudos to the man who stands up for he and
his family's happiness..

Most of us can't imagine someone making a six-figure salary to play in the NFL just walking away from that life.
John Moffitt enjoyed some parts of that career. He just didn't enjoy it enough to continue.
Moffitt, a third-year offensive lineman, told the Broncos he wasn't going to return to the team after its bye week. Just like that, he was done with football.
Playing in the NFL seems like a fantasy for most red-blooded American males, but it's not always an easy life. Moffitt explained his decision to suddenly retire to the Associated Press.
"I just really thought about it and decided I'm not happy. I'm not happy at all," Moffitt told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Seattle. "And I think it's really madness to risk your body, risk your well-being and risk your happiness for money.
"Everybody, they just don't get it and they think it's crazy. But I think what I was doing is crazy."
Moffitt told the AP he didn't care about playing in a Super Bowl, which the Broncos might do this season. He said that even though he doesn't have a history of concussions, the possibility worried him.
"I just want to be happy," Moffitt told the AP. "And I find that people that have the least in life are sometimes the happiest. And I don't have the least in life. I have enough in life. And I won't sacrifice my health for that.
"I'm not trying to be the poster boy for 'Oh, I thought I should leave because of concussions.' I'm just saying, it's a valid point. I love the game and I respect the game and everybody who plays it knows what they risk and I knew what I risked when I played, and I'm no longer willing to risk it."
Moffitt, a third-round pick by Seattle out of Wisconsin in 2011, said he was ready to start a new life. He said the money didn't mean everything to him and the things he did enjoy like the games and his teammates weren't enough to keep him around. He had a $625,000 base salary this year, and was scheduled to make a base salary of $752,500 next year. It's rare to see a player walk away from the NFL while he's young and can still squeeze more years out of that career, but his reasons were legitimate.
"Once you tear away all the illusions of it, it's hard work. And it's dangerous work. And you're away from your family. And it's not good for families. It's very tough on families," he said, according to the AP.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A gathering of Mothers, a gathering of love...

 Yesterday we gathered at our Aunt Mae Mae's home
for a gathering of aunts, first and second cousins, and a 
few men and babies.
I realized driving there that I had not been to my Aunt Mae's
home since when I was a teenager and my second cousin
Greg came home from the hospital when born.
I had that "dejavu" moment when entering a place
you have not been to since childhood,
everything looked so different but some things looked
much the same. The thing that striked me the most
was how I used to think the house was so big,
now I realize it is just an average size home.
 As I walked around and mingled,
spoke with the Collins side of my family I realized
that aside from the two sweet babies there
and the two men, we all were bonded by family as well
as Motherhood. It was such a great day, speaking
of the old days, the family members who have passed us
and how great it was to be together on a Monday.
Taking time to visit with no time limit pressured on us.
 Cousin Shana was able to show us all her 
sweet grand baby, Collin, carrying the name
that bonded us all, Collins.
I had wished I had asked to bring Bean.
 My aunt GaGAld, always looked so well put together,
so attractive is the aunt who my parent and I stayed with 
always while I went back and forth to Touro hospital.
A bond was built between us many moons ago
and I can't see her without feeling an overwhelming
sense of wanting to thank her and let her know just
how important she and her family was to me growing up.
Of course, I don't, this gathering is not about me,
it's about family and love so I tell her many times
throughout the visit, "I love you"
I am so glad I don't have trouble using those magical words
and yet, I also don't overuse it by saying to everyone
as it tends to loose it's significance when you do.
However, there is not one person in that home that
I could not say I love you and mean it deeply.
 Then my dear sweet Aunt Jeanie.
When I looked back at this picture I swear, it
was like looking at my Daddy. It kind of 
shocked me as to just how much she looks like him.
Now my Aunt Jeanie, she is just as apt to be talking
religion as throwing underlying sexual statements.
Such as when talking about her "boo-yee" she speaks
of how to make it hard and then she begins to talk
to the Taunt Mone about her knack of making "things Hard"
Oh, that Aunt Genie!
 She is hysterical in a serious way. As I took the bottom pic
she says, "Wait, let me get ready so you can take a good
picture for my tombstone when I die"
Phahahaha as sister Rosie would say....
 My real reason for making sure I was there was
for this wonderful cousin, Fay.
She is my first cousin and the daughter of my Aunt GaGald.
She was a young married woman with her cute little girl
under her toe when I went there for many years
during my treatment years.
She had only one child, Stephanie and I loved
when we went to her Mom's she always came to visit
and spoil me. One of my memories is of going to
Little Stephanie's dance recital and I was so tickled by
the fact that on the big stage, under the bright lights,
all Steph did was lick her fingers and picked up the
dropped sequins off the floor from the costumes.
The picture of that evening in my mind, still causes
a chuckle.
Cousin Fay, was so happy yesterday and so positive
about her surgery needed soon for a new diagnosis of 
lung cancer. I hate this for her and yet,
I know her personality. She will smile through the whole
ordeal, spend time comforting those she loves rather
than letting the focus be on her for too long.
I know part of her has to be a bit scared.
Which of us would not.
All her words though are on getting this done
and moving on in her life. 
I ask for prayers for my cousin Fay, and for
her family who she worries about more than herself.
 As I look onto the rooms that are filled with women
and two men, I realize most of us are mothers.
There are a few of 4 generation gatherers there.
So proud to be bonded by each of these ladies in
so many ways.
 Love all around for so many of us.
A wonderful day and on the way home,
thinking of all the memories to add to 
my heart, the drive became not such a big deal.

A blessed family are we all.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Let me elaborate a little more of Bean and I's treasure hunting 
yesterday. I swear the Big Man knew what he was doing 
when he made Bean ours.
She and I both just love, love, love miniatures.
If it is small she is likely to gently and lovingly place
it in her hands, tell it "Hey, it's okay"
and hug and kiss it.
But does she have the talent at such a young age to 
pick the trash from the treasures?
Hmmmm I think she may be a natural!
First things first, if there
was an animal, whether it be a cat, dog, or
even a lady bug, those kisses and hugs were priority.
Then on to the hard job of 
junking. On a table full of little things, Bean
spots this red box, must see what is in it.
I spot the quarter price tag.
 This precious, most detailed house not bigger than three inches
is inside.
"Muzie, can we pay for it?"
For sure, as its detail, it's quality, it's collectors value,
yes, this one is coming home with us. On a table full
of little things this is the only thing she wants on the table.
She is not a hoarder, she cries for nothing just to have it,
she eyes it all and wants only this.
 Last night I decide it is time to get a closer look at this.
Anything to distract my house cleaning.... another story....
On to the collectors search for a set called the Liberty Falls Collection.
There are many in the sets that were made over
a few years. This one is dated 1997 and one of the rarer ones
called the Vedder house. 
List price mint in box?
starting price is 15 dollars.
Not bad for her first pick!
Of course, we not selling our new real estate.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


You blog pals, ya'll know my preferred name
for grandmother is Mumsie.
It is what I one day hope to be called although
I have become quite fond of hearing the bean say
"Muzie". Down the bayou the word
Mua-zee is cajun slang for mildew.
I jokingly say I am the only grandmother who 
will be called mildew by my grandchildren.
Now that I have explained that,
on to the title of this post,
"Muzie, why..."
It is what I hear often these days.
The bean has many questions as she continues to learn.
Today was our first adventure with garage sales
so I decided to approach it as I used to with
my gypsy baby. I told her we were going on 
an adventure,
"Muzie, an adventure?"
"Yes, sweet girl, a treasure hunt"
"Muzie, why... "
Then I explain that people have stores at
their houses with things they don't want anymore
and if we like it we can buy it for cheap"
"Muzie, and me, I can buy some?"
"Yes, anything you want"
Oh she was the sweetest. 
"Muzie, we can walk okay, lets walk"
such a trooper, so gracious.
Each time she bought something for herself  she
"Muzie and for Lizzie?"
Yes sweet girl one for you and one for Lizzie
A wonderful morning just the bean and I.
She is a natural, a picker, a treasure hunter.
Then this to warm my heart on a day that
it could use a little warming.
"Muzie, why you have some toys?"
"Because Muzie loves toys and to play."
"Muzie, why you like to play?"
"Because I don't want to grow up all the way."
"Muzie, why?"
Oh my sweet, sweet little bean,
what should I say here.
Because to grow up comes with lots of problems.
If you grow up all the way you forget the little things
that are so much fun like coloring and painting
and making arts and crafts.
Like feeding fish not just so they eat but also
so that we can sit there for 15 minutes, calling
our fish by name and watching their eating patterns.
I don't want to grow up all the way because
I would not take the time to go and feed the birds
and fish and turtles with you.
Or what about the live ladybug you found today?
If I acted like the grown up I am supposed to be
I may not have helped you catch it or let it crawl
up and down our arms and hands, I may not
have allowed you to release it to the imaginary
family that we spoke of.
It took at least 10 minutes, if I was all grown I may
have just said we had to go, we didn't have time.
If I grew up all the way maybe I wouldn't
take extra time to rock you and tickle you
and sing silly songs to you. Maybe I wouldn't
take the time to explain the slang,
"ants in your pants"
or dance while you play the piano.
And there is acting out the stories I tell you
like the big bad wolf. Taking the time to not only let
you be the little pig but also letting you be the
big bad wolf too.
Instead, I share,
"Bean, I don't want to grow up all the way
because I want to always play with you.
"What Pookie?"
"I am glad you a little girl, you my friend."
Oh my Bean, and you are mine...

Friday, November 1, 2013


We have all heard the slang,
"...and all was right in the world"
today the opposite of this is true.
I cannot go into deep detail about exactly what
happened but just have to ask my followers
to pray, pray, pray hard for the families
of Pitre's, Guidry's, Long's and Kiger's.
as the prepare to bury their precious new baby girl
Hailey Guidry.
Because of a terrible freak accident baby Hailey 
has passed away. She is the first cousin of the 
dear Long baby I blogged about just a few weeks ago.
Hailey is the three month old baby of
Emilee Pitre Guidry and Taylor Guidry.
I awaken this morning after a very restless night
and just cannot take any of these wonderful people off
of my mind. I thought, why did the sun come up this
morning? How can it when a precious angel is gone
from her Mother and Fathers lives.
Nothing seems right this morning......
Pray, pray, pray....
What else can be done.
This event has me still doubting why do things
like this happen?
I know I have to practice what I preach..
remember the HELICOPTER VIEW
but for today.... for today,
I will only pray for the families involved because
I know the Big Man will somehow show them the way.
Love to 
Pitre's, Guidry's, Long's, and Kiger's.
no words I or anyone can say to make this right.
will share here a prayer my sisters and I shared with
each other last night via text and our praying:
(texted per Veronica but so well written)
Nope, nothing is right in the world this morning.