Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fleeting memories...

For the last 4 days I have had house guests.
I have had Miki, my nephew and his love, Sayra.
Miki's little girl, who is my godchild, Cami
and sister, Rosie.
I have also had my other godchild, NeeNee.
It has been a good 4 days and yesterday and today
they all begin to make their way back to where they
belong. I have mentioned many times that
I have not been one to suffer from the
"empty nest" syndrome.
I have raised my babies to the best of my abilities
and I am proud that they are adults and
can financially and figuratively take care
of themselves. I believe that part of parenting
is being able to raise your children to be independent
where home is a place of comfort but not a place
that they need to stay for long.
I believe that grown children have to find their way
without needing their parents guidance for everything.
With these beliefs, I have no reason to have "empty nest"
moments. That is not to say that there
are not moments that I miss being the Mommy of
little ones. I loved being a Mommy.
Having the little girls these last few days has given
me a chance to practice my "Mommy" again.
There are those fleeting moments, they don't last long,
that I miss and long to have my babies back.
Sometimes it is when I see a mother with her teenage daughter,
arms interlocked. One time it hit me as I was driving and
saw a little boy dressed in a Halloween costume getting on
a bus. In these short moments, I long for my babies
something fierce.
Yesterday the fleeting moment happened as I iced
cinnamon rolls for the little girls.
I have not made cinnamon rolls probably since the
days that I made breakfasts each morning for my babies.
As I iced the rolls I remembered those mornings,
every morning I fixed breakfast. It may not have
been a gourmet breakfast, but each morning they
knew Momma was going to prepare them breakfast
to start them off on their day.
For those few moments, I missed them.
Then it passed...

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