Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mumsie rocking...

I love to rock Jilly-bean.
Really, I do!
As I rocked her this Thursday I took my time
to enjoy her squirming until she fell into a
peaceful sleep and then placed her in a position
that I could rock while enjoying her baby faces.
I lingered in her nursery in no hurry to put
her down.
She was comfortable in my arms and I was comfortable
to have her there.
As I stared into her sweet little face, thoughts
of rocking my own babies came into my heart.
I noticed another difference between being
the Mommy and being the Mumsie.
When I was Mommy rocking, although I enjoyed it,
it was for one purpose. To get the babies to sleep
so I could lay them down and get things done.
You see when you are the Mommy, there are so
many things that have to be done while the baby
is asleep. There is always tons of clothing to wash,
bottles to clean, there is a floor that needs to be mopped
because soon baby will awaken and be on the same floor.
There are bank accounts that need to be balanced and
toys that need to be tidied. There is little time
that baby sleeps so all of this has to be done
in a matter of a little time.
Yet when you are Mumsie rocking, there is no pressure
to get all these other things done.
I can sit and rock for as long as I like.
The main priority of the home and the baby's upkeep
is not mine to worry about.
At the end of the day, I get to go back to Thibodaux
to my clean home where no chores are awaiting
and savor in the memories of Jilly-bean's sweet smells
and memories of her cute face.
While I am rocking I get to hold her little hands as
her fingers grasp mine even in sleep.
I get to watch her suck on her tongue as she sleeps.
I get to see her sweet dimples as she smiles about
dreams in her head.
Yes, being a Mumsie is different than being a Mommy.
If I could go back to the days of Mommyhood,
I would linger in the rocker for just a little bit more.
I would understand that all those things that need to be
done will get done.
I would realize that the rocking days are over way to quickly.
But you don't know this when you are the Mommy.
It may be one of the reasons God made Grandma's.
When Jilly-bean grows up, some of my
favorite memories will be the times I savored rocking
her in her little room across from her parents
and sang sweet-nothings in her ear,
and told her stories that she will not remember.
I love Jill-axing days
and so glad that my BB and KD let me have this time with our girl!

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