Thursday, July 14, 2011

Written by my sister, C

My sister, C was the lucky winner of the chartered fishing trip for
the Karen Callais fundraiser raffle.
She has asked my to blog this for her and I was happy to do so!
How lucky am I to have been in Las Vegas with my son, Kris, celebrating his 21st birthday, to get a call from my sister, Lilly, that I won an offshore fishing trip in Golden Meadow. Heck, I wish we would have been so lucky in Vegas…LOL.
Yesterday, July 10, 2011, was the day that my two sons, Arthur and Kris, and my girlfriend in laws, Amanda and Kaylee, took advantage of the winning fishing trip. This day was special for a number of reasons; of course, the obvious because I was with my family which always warms my heart and is one of the things that give me complete happiness. The other was being able to spend the day with an old family friend, Bobby Terrebonne, who, with his deckhand, Mike, put us right in a school of huge red snappers and we also caught a few other different species of these delicious creations. Bobby and I talked a lot about growing up in the same neighborhood and about our families, catching up on things and reminiscing of the old days when we were all quite younger. He told funny stories and cracked a few “one liners” which humored all of us; if you really know Bobby, you know what I mean…LOL.
The most important part of this day, however, was the reason that we were all there, and that was for Bobby’s sister, Karen. I was not able to attend the fund raiser for Karen as I was sporting Kris around Las Vegas, but my family and many other families and friends were in attendance to support Karen and her family in the fight for her life against the demon so many of us know as Cancer. As we rode in the boat, looking into the sun rising over the offshore waters, I couldn’t help but to think of the beauty that I remembered Karen to be both as a neighbor and a friend. I am not one to be all slouchy and mushy about my religious beliefs to anyone, but I will share that I prayed a lot for Karen and her family on this beautiful day. For each silent moment was a prayer and a thought for the entire Terrebonne family as they have all had many life struggles. Sure, the seas could have been very choppy, it could have rained on our parade, we could have caught no fish, but instead, it was a beautiful, successful day and I thanked God for the opportunity to spend this day with my healthy family in a part of His Paradise that not many people get to experience.
Thanks Bobby and Mike for a wonderful family day filled with lots of fun, laughter and fish!!!
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