Monday, July 11, 2011

Pics that I had never seen....

Another reason I love going through old photos,
I usually find the random photos that finds myself
and HOBL in them from back in the day.
In Rosie's pictures there were some from our wedding
and pictures from 1983, just before we married.
I forgot how we looked at that time,
seeing the pictures brought back, again, so many memories.
When BB and KD got married Lucy was so upset because I got
a picture of her sleeping. She insists she did not fall asleep
but when I produced the picture she could not deny it.
Now I have the perfect pair of pictures to make a scrap page with.
Looks as though her Mommy fell asleep at our wedding.
Like Mother, like daughter...
Perfect scrap page.
Tiffy was my maid of honor, as a gift she had these t-shirts
airbrushed for my shower, because we were going
away to nowhere, we decided this would be our going away outfits.
I had forgotten this until I found these pictures.
Yes, HOBL was feeling way good right here,
this was before he sobered up and before he stopped smoking.
It is so strange to see him "under the influence"
smoking and drinking.
Because my Daddy had died the year before we married
and I had two brothers and could not decide which to
give me away, I decided on my Momma.
This was not a popular practice in 1984 so
many thought this was so special and it was for me.
Look how we are grasping hands...
she calmed me on the long walk down the aisle,
not sure if she really wanted to let me go!
When I saw this picture above my heart melted again.
We were such a cute couple.
We fought a lot back in these days as many young couples
do. Who thought that 27 years later we would still be married,
have two children, a beautiful granddaughter,
still in love.
This man, my HOBL drives me crazy. He really does
but I am soooo glad that I find myself still with him
after so many years.
We can still sometimes get into arguments like it was
still 1984 when the relationship was new
but they are few and far between.
I love the idea of marriage and will continue to do
whatever it takes to be happy in this one.
Why? Because it is worth it, we are worth it.
Oh if I could have this complexion again!!!!
Yet I knew very little about life back then.
I was baby girls' age in this picture.
So many say we look so much alike.
In this picture I can see some resemblance.
That is HOBL and I in the background of a birthday
party for nephew Miki.
That is Rebecca in the front, C walking in the back.
Going through all these old pics makes me want to
go through everyone I knows pictures to find treasures
such as these.

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  1. Wow --- so much material to work with here, I'm overwhelmed ......

    1. what was that child drinking?
    2. what's with this family and shirt-making?
    3. the picture is very much self-explanatory
    4. the camera was stoned too
    5. your mother was dragging you
    6. for once Ron looks straight and Lil looks stoned
    7. to think the amount of words that have yet to come out of that mouth
    8. absolutely no comment whatsoever - not saying a word - not opening my mouth - absolute silence -------------------------------