Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awe.... To be entertained...

Typing on the iPad sorry if editing is not great.
This weekend I have had the pleasure of my
Godchild née and my BFF, bailey to sleep over.
If you don't hang out with kids often, you
Forget just how interesting they are and
How the world looks different from their eyes.
We are coming back from Laffy yesterday
When the conversation of heaven and hell come up.
We talk about how everyone we know who,has died
Has found their way to heaven. Because
You have to be really, really bad to find yourself
In hell. Née won't even say the word, perish
The thought. Bailey enlightens us and tries to relieve
Nee's fears. "well if you are too bad for heaven but not bad
Enough for hell, you can go to that middle place"
Née does not know of this middle place.
"yeah, you know, that middle place"
I add, that e Catholics do believe in that.
"yeah" bailey explains, "it's called the Military"...
"No, B I am pretty sure it's called purgatory"
"oh, yeah, that's it!"
We are getting closer to home and it's late, we are
All tired but as we pass over the Morgan City bridge
I tell the girls to look how pretty the lights of Morgan City
Are and née perks up,
"Nannie, that looks just like a mini New York"
I have heard Morgan City called many things,
But never something as nice as that!
Now we are really close to home s I tell the girls
To read the next sign coming up.
It is the Thibodaux/Chacahoula exit.
Ahhhhh I tell the cuties I can smell home.
Née is still puzzled by the sign and word
I explain that if we go right we go to Thib.
If we go right we go to CHACAHOULA
"well, I don't want to go there, my mama
Has that!"
I am not understanding this.
"you know Nannie that disease my maw
Has, chocoholic"
Oh what a day this was...


  1. I think she was right about the Military... just saying'!

  2. Ha and you would know first hand, my friend!