Friday, March 16, 2012

If you would give your life...

"If you would give your life for your children,
then why won't you live for them?"
Oh my Dr. Phil, what a way he has with words.
Someone I love much is going through a rough patch.
I am not sure why life can be easy for some
and so hard to live for others.
It doesn't matter as I write this post,
it just matters that somehow I continue
to try and be truthful to this person
while keeping compassion in my words, in my heart.
I have realized that sometimes, because I am such
a strong-willed person, I have trouble understanding
why some people just "don't do it", just don't live
their best life possible for their children if not
for themselves.
Do what they need to be to be happy, joyous and free.
Yesterday, it not being the first time I have this realization,
I say to HOBL and a niece of mines,
Some people just can't do it.
It is too hard for them.
Not everyone has the strength to do
what is very obvious to others.
It does not mean they never can do it.
It just means that until they get stronger, healthier,
it is just hard.
So what am I called to do?
LIsten, try and give healthy advice, try to have
empathy for those who are not as fortunate as me.
Today, I focus on Dr. Phil's words above.
To even strangers today my lenten action will be:
"Smile sincerely to everyone you meet today"
Because you just never know who out there is struggling.
Who out there is hanging on to a thread of their lives
in hopes of finding themselves for their children.
You never know what just a smile, an ear, an honest
opinion can do for some.
Not all are meant to advise, however.
I know I should even keep my mouth shut sometimes.
Some of us are meant to just stand on the sidelines
of a suffering loved one and pray.
Yet, everyone can smile...
and everyone, everyone,
should find a healthy life for their children.


  1. You are right. However, sometimes parents don't put their kids first then expect their kids to put them first later in life. We should live for our kids and not expect anything in return. If they are willing to help us when we are older, then it's a blessing.

  2. I wholeheartedly believe in that statement! I am trying to live my life to the fullest for my sweet CA! I might be struggling with my health and such, but she is a happy, well adjusted wee one - doing excellent in school - another 4.0!!!! and she sleeps well and laughs! I am even exploring my crafty side with her! I can't wait to show you what she and I have been making!

  3. We should do for our kids but don't smother them and let them do for there selfs when they get older. by pampering them on every move of there life they will be grippled at dealing with life on life terms. I help my kids but I would not say I live for my kids and I won't do for them what they can do for there selfs. I love them dearly but they must fend for there selfs thru life struggles, life is a bitch at times and we must deal with it.