Saturday, March 17, 2012

Putting worries of cancer aside

For this weekend me and HOBL are putting all
the worries and stresses of Anna's cancer behind us.
Come Monday it will be our main focus,
but right now, all our attention and love
is going to be with our Bean as she
celebrates her first birthday
with a huge birthday party on Sunday.
With all those people who love her.
Her Mommy has worked so hard on everything for this party
so you can imaging how excited she is to
share the day with so many family and friends.
It is hard to believe that this lovey is already a year old.
The first year was awesome and fun,
but the second year will come with
more vocabulary than we probably can keep up with.
I suspect after her tubes are put in her ears on Tuesday
she will start repeating all she hears as she
already is trying to do that now.
You think the bean knows what she is doing already,
having these two grandpa's wrapped all around
her fingers.
Shoot not just wrapped but entertwined between
those sweet little fingers!
Notice each of them are feeding her something...
It will be a fantastic weekend and a great
distraction from the week that is coming up.
Going to leave at 4 going to help with the birthday
More pictures to follow, sure you are not shocked
by that bit of news.


  1. The vocabulary should be very interesting ..... my four went through the "Ronald Webster-Riera" dictionary and came home with a slough of new words.

  2. hey sis. I had so much fun at the party. it was great to see Lillian minagle with the other kids. I love that little grandchild of mine great pictures thanks Mone