Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bean and the pups

Bean loves pups.
She prefers her big boxers,
Ali and Dempsey
but as she gets older, the lil pups,
Jake and Trixie can entertain her
and make her laugh.
I can't watch the videos enough.
I can't wait until I can see the real bean
every day.
The house is beautiful,
can't believe after all HOBL and I's hard
work over the last 27 years that
we will own such a fine home.
I can't believe that I will finally live
on a waterway even though it's not so big,
I can fish when I want.
Yet all of these were not the biggest necessities.
The biggest necessity was to be closer
to Bean, to her parents and
her Godmother who is known best as...

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