Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Houston Road trip needed for Riera/Guidry family

I am so relieved and sooooo happy to report
that the biopsy reports of Anna's renal cell cancer
has come back.... No spread of the cancer!
All was contained to the kidney,
no cells in the fatty tissue surrounding the kidney,
no positive lymph nodes,
the renal vein clean of all bad cells.
What a relief that is!!!!
Now all Anna has to focus on is getting over
this major surgery and with this news,
I think the worst is over.
I cannot express how excited we all are over this news.
We cannot thank all who have prayed and reached
out to our families through this trying time.
This move to Plaquemine is so much more exciting
now that this wonderful news has been given to us.
OH God is so good....

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