Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The bean turns one

I know, it is hard to believe, but our Bean turns one
today! We are headed to Plaquemine to meet her immediate
family so we can bring her to Chuckie Cheese and we
are determined that she ride every ride there is.
I know, I know, before she was born I heard all those things
other grandparents say to you,
"Welcome to the stupid club"
or "get ready, you will love her like none before"
yes, I fought all these saying everyone spoke of.
I knew I would love her tremendously but I didn't
like all the cliche's that so many talk of in reference
to being a grandmother.
They were right.
I stand corrected.
You see, the thing is, it is not something you can
actually explain to any one.
Because I am a woman of words, blessed with the
"gift of gab" I thought surely I would be able to
put this love into perspective.
Fact is, there are no words that will get across to someone
else that can explain the love I have for bean.
People tell us, what a lucky baby she is to have you and her other
set of grandparents, the parents she was given, the extended family
that adores her but the truth of the matter is, it is us
who are lucky. She is like no other baby.
She has mannerisms and a personality like no other baby.
She was the one for us, she is perfect for the mixture of our lives.
God could not have mixed two parents together better to make
this child that we all adore.
It is a funny thing that although I long to see her every day
the days I do know I am going to see her are the absolute worse.
I cannot get to Plaquemine quick enough.
When I turn by the CVS that will take me to her house
I get butterflies in my belly because of anticipation of wanting to see her.
When I do see her I have to stop myself from hugging her tight and
long that will make her cry.
She is our world, we all would die for her...
So today is her big day!
Sunday is her big, big party but today is her intimate
party with those of us who love her the most.
This is Kd I believe at around 6 or 9 months old...
she resembles her mother the most, I think...
This is Baby Boy on his first birthday, two things
she got from him, that wild white hair that has a mind
of it's own and her head, just like her deda.

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  1. "what a lucky baby she is to have you and her other
    set of grandparents, the parents she was given"

    not being one to stir the pot ... BUT ....
    seems like you forgot one?

    I got your back Ron!