Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two for one

Two blogs in one day.
Had to share pictures from a wonderful afternoon
had at my home.
I have this motto.
"Bake and they will come"
So that is just what I did.
Baked lots of desserts, brewed coffee
and all my podna's I invited showed up to
spend time catching up.
I couldn't invite all that I wanted to,
heck wish I could have invited all of TES.
But I will be doing this more often,
so If I didn't catch them this time,
most assuredly, will catch others next time.
Not all who came to play are in pictures as some came later
and some left early.
It was a fantastic afternoon.
I am pretty stubborn when inviting people to my home.
When Mel tried to tell me she might not make it,
I pouted like a 4 year old via text...
she and Matthew and Beth showed up...
that pouting works!
BEcky told me she could only stay for a small amount of time.
I knew once she got here that would change...
It did and I was happy for the time she and Grace spent.
Patricia tried to tell me she would be late per text,
I texted back "Boo"
her wonderful, hubby offered to pick up Elise later
and drop her off so Patricia and MeMe
could come after school.
I got to visit with Amanda's belly where Taylor lives...
The day is coming when she will be part of our world...
can't wait.
Then there is Kim and Celeste.
Texted KIm just yesterday afternoon,
took me up on the offer and brought our friend,
and her right side girl for visitation.
Buffy and Macy showed up later, so happy they did.
Fran and Marie and those others not mentioned,
Thanks to all of you for making yesterday afternoon
a most special day.
Part of my Happiness Project is to spend
more time with family and friends.
I would say it was a good start.


  1. I stopped for a minute and asked myself what was HJP doing at your house yesterday....

    striking resemblance wouldn't you say?

  2. I thought the same thing.

  3. I know, right? Matthew is the son of my friend who I have been telling REbecca that needs to meet Hugh because not only do they look alike but they have the same personality, love the same things, very smart... these boys would be fast friends! He goes to EDW next year, hoping to get them together to meet before then!