Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new town to love...

Yes, it's official...
HOBL and I have finally found a home closer to our babies
and the bean.
It is something that we have thinking about and looking
at properties for a year, since the Bean was born.
And although I love Thibodaux, have made wonderful friends
here, and will have a heavy heart when leaving,
family always wins out over friends.
We did say we were not going to buy a new home unless
it met all our wants.
Imagine the excitement when all our wants were
only 5 minutes from bean!
Because gypsy baby is in the process of moving to
Baton Rouge, will only be about half hour away from her.
You may ask, what were those qualifications we were looking for.
It had to be a newer home that needed no work.
It had to be on some type of waterway as we have always dreamed
of that. It didn't matter whether we could dock a boat, we can't here
but I want to be able to fish, relax, watch ducks swim.
Here, we have it! I can fish and after baby boy and I go fishing
and add those catches to his live well,
this waterway will be stocked.
I will sit and fish...
think and relax.
Because it is in the country club and surrounded by a
golf course, we will have full access to the pool,
health club, and other amenities.
I love the idea of swimming but not having to maintain a pool.
It will be so good for my back,
there are tennis courts also
wonder if HOBL will learn to golf... (choking on laughter)
The home itself is built on the New Orleans french quarter style.
Has everything I wanted in a home plus many extras.
Leaving Lee Drive will be tough as we have met such wonderful
neighbors here, the friends whom have blessed my life are
so great I can't even count them.
Like I said earlier, though, the kids always win.
They may not see it as winning.... ha
It got to the point where not only was I sleeping at BB and KD's
house probably more than they liked,
but when returning home I sometimes cried on my drive home
because a week was so long when waiting to see her.
I would ride around looking for a closer place to live.
You see, it is true what they say about grandbabies.
They suck the love out of you!
Even if I don't see her everyday, I want that option
but I don't want to be in BB and KD's space all the time.
I have been this road before, leaving many family and friends
to move from the bayou to Thibodaux, something I never thought
I could do. Since then I have said it was the very best thing
I had ever done.
I hope to be able to say the same of this move.
Thibodaux will still be a place I spend much time in
as long as my own Mumsie is alive.
She is my only worry about leaving.
Just as my sisters have reassured me though,
I have to be where I am happy and they have assured
me that Momma will be fine and we will all continue to do
and give her what she needs.
Her dementia has gotten so bad that even if I tell her I am
moving, she won't remember.
She loves where she is at, opting many times to stay there
than come with us on a family outing.
Now, tell her you going to the casino and she is there.
We will plan more family casino trips.
So, to all, it's official unless something goes wrong with the
sale, we will be Iberville Parish residents which seems strange
to me because I have, my whole life, never lived in any
other parish than Lafourche.
Wish us luck as we travel this road to retirement.
Oh and this room right here? Instead of the "man cave" that it is
for the homeowner, it will be my new scraproom.
That door opens up to the second floor balcony overlooking
the bayou Jacob... Life is good.


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    1. HA RONIE IF YOU NEED MONEY JUST ask me i'll write out a check for whatever you need. if it does not go through i'll write another one just like it thanks ronie for being such a good husband to my sis kove you simone

  2. Oh My - what a gorgeous home! You will certainly be happy there!

  3. HOBL, I hope you know, no one believes you!

  4. That is awesome!!! We are so happy for ya'll! You will be happy there! :)

  5. can't wait to go visit!!!

  6. The house is absolutely beautiful!! I know that you two will truly enjoy it and being close to your babies and Jilly. Congrats!!!

  7. I just saw the other pics, now i see this sight. beautiful home. Really awesome. And if closer to your babies old and young, that is truly the most awesome part of it. Have a great time. I am sure it will be. Does your husband work away for a time. Really in the Artic??? for real??? Holly Griffin