Friday, March 2, 2012

Cortisone, how I love thee...

After almost 5 days of fever, hanging from the bed
to the sofa able to eat hardly anything,
believing I could not have the flu, even though I was exposed
because I had the flu shot, I decided it
was time to go to see my trusty friend, Dr. P.
Sure enough, if it can happen, it has happen to me,
I have an unusual flu that seems to have not been
protected by the three common ones that
the vaccine protects you from.
Ugh, and it also seems like I may have the
beginning of a bladder infection which is never
good for me, especially when I can't feel the symptoms
of that until it gets really bad.
I waited so long so that I even had to
get GYPSY BABY (baby girls new name that she has allowed)
to drive me. Which landed up being the best part of being
sick, having GYPSY BABY come nurse her momma.
I got two shot in the bahootie.
One for nausea and one all mighty cortisone shot called Celestone.
OH, if they could find a healty way to use this stuff for
long amounts of time, I would so want a script.
It is so good for so many things and yet so damaging if
used too often and for long periods at a time.
Within 8 hours of those two shots I was asking myself
why in the heck do I wait so long to go to the doctor?
This time I know it was because I was convinced it was
not the flu. So this morning the cough and headache,
nasal yuck is almost gone. The nausea is still there
but that is my fault as last night when I finally could
eat I probably overdid it.
No body aches not to mention even the back feels better
than it has in some time.
I do know that tonight I may not sleep at all
and my face will be red and hot all day, side effects of
the cortisone but worth it.
I will be layed up for another day as I have
to be without fever for 24 hours before I am not contagious.
I have the very best doctor/friend who works me in
whenever I feel like I need it as well as
always knowing what to do to make things right.
She will always be my family doctor, no matter
how far I have to drive to see her.
The good part of all of this?
when called to save the day,
not only came to take care of her momma
but spent two nights with me just in case and
ran errands, picked up prescriptions as well
as food I needed.
when she comes to my rescue.
This late season, if you have flu symptoms even if you
had the vaccine, don't delay in going to the doctor.


  1. My sweet Lilly - get all better soon! What a great girl Gypsy Baby is!

  2. Hope you feel better, Lil. I had the flu last year even though I had the shot. Gypsy Baby and C.P. are terrific!