Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gypsy baby

This week after spending a few days with
baby girl we talk a little about her life.
She is in the process of moving to Baton Rouge.
Ready for a change as she has realized again,
she hates college, does not know what she plans
to do for the rest of her life and is not willing to
stress over it.
This is my girl. She has been this way since she was young.
Listening to whatever you had to say but always
doing what it was she wanted to do anyway.
Being her parent has been easy...
and hard at the same time.
The hard part comes from being her parent
and wanting her to find out where she is going with her future
so that I can feel comfortable knowing she is settled and
can take care of herself.
She is so different from myself, HOBL and BB
and it gets scary sometimes.
Yet the same things that makes me crazy are also
the same things that I love about her.
The courage she has to truly live one day at a time.
We laugh often because she is never late paying her bills
and never asks for money but if all those bills are paid
and something comes up, she will find someone to take
her work shift so she can do something that came up
that seems more fun.
I asked her if I could change her blog name to GYPSY BABY.
Her answer was, "go for it"
She is my gypsy. She is the child who will
always plan on doing what it is that makes her happy.
She will wander to find out what it is that she wants
yet she will always make enough to take care of herself.
If she wants to spend a day in bed reading and eating
sunflower seeds she will. If there is a concert she wants to
see, she will work extra shifts to pay for it.
She lives on the "fly"
I wish sometimes I would have had the courage to live this way.
To take more chances than I did.
So again, I say, the things she does are the things that make
it hard to be her parent, but I know that she will
always take care of herself.
You can call GYPSY BABY at any time and sometimes she
will be there but note that if something better comes along,
she will not hesitate to change her plans.
However, when I am sick, she is the one
who will stop whatever she is doing to come to my aid.


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  2. since when did I lose my definition status? what's up with that?

    and i love the little gypsy too especially when she wants tickets to events that I have so I can overcharge them to her for babysitting services which borders on slavery ... :)

    you got sista's up there and not me?? geez that's frickin self explanatory isn't it?
    Kel? cmon there's got to be a minimum time in the family ... bean goes out with buck-tooth billy in 3rd grade and you gonna add "will-dds"?
    TES? you're retired -- check a through time honey pie

    BFOB out

  3. You know I can't even figure out what happened to my word bank in the first where did it go? I guess I forgot you because you have become so anonymous to even me... you need to start commenting as BFOB.... then I would not forget you on the word bank...
    Okay guess I will add you, but from now on, leave comments as BFOB otherwise, no one knows who you are anyway... except for me of course, because you are forever... my BFOB!

  4. see the "e" on the end .....

    very important "e"

  5. Why don't you blog about what you told the Gypsy Rose's K teacher about 2 s's in Jesica!
    Boom back atcha.