Tuesday, March 13, 2012

prayers for Anna

My sister-in-law, HOBL's sister, Anna
is facing right now, what many of us would consider
the worst nightmare ever.
She went into the hospital on Saturday thinking
she had either a kidney infection or a kidney stone,
maybe even pneumonia to get the news that
she is battling Kidney cancer.
She was transferred to Thib. regional where
the best urologist ever, Dr. Ray was waiting for her.
After having the Ct scan with contrast yesterday
the full scope of the problem was shared with us.
Bad news, she has a massive renal cancer in her
right kidney. Good news is, it seems as though
it has not invaded any other organs like
the liver, vena cava or lymph nodes.
Believe me, this is very good news.
Because of this the surgery can be done locally
by Dr. Ray. Otherwise she would have to travel
to MD Anderson for surgery and treatment.
Prayers, big, big prayers are needed as this
type of cancer does not usually care about
chemotherapy or radiation.
Removal is your best option in stopping this
big C. If there is any spread she will have
to go to MD Anderson for their advice.
Anna, before this news, had done major things, major steps
to change her life for the better.
You can look at this as being not fair, or you can look at this
as being what was needed to be able to fight this disease.
She has moved to Thibodaux and away from things
that kept her stagnate. She began working for the sheriff's department
after many years of searching jobs for the one that would fulfill
her. She found that as a deputy and now has the reason to fight
to get back to that career she loves.
Because of her major life changes, we have been
blessed with a new relationship with her and her partner, Dana.
In the last 6 months we have spent more time together, spoke more
than we have in the last 10 years.
These, we choose to look at as the positives.
The things God did to prepare her for what was coming.
When HOBL's mom was sick, which was much of our adult lives,
and as she died, Anna never left her side. No matter how
hard it was, she never left her Momma.
I told HOBL, we have an opportunity here to give
back to her for all she did for his mother that at the time,
we just could not do.
I know how she must feel right now.
She has her wonderful partner Dana, who has been her partner
for over 20 years. I know myself, when I am sick, facing major
life changes, it is my daddy I want.
She, at this time, would love to have her momma.
As I told her, I cannot make that happen for her but
I promised I will not leave her. She will have someone
with her 24/7 until she feels like she is well enough
to manage on her own. She deserves this and I and her
brother are honored to be able to do this with her.
She is home now until Monday when she will have
the surgery to remove the kidney and mass.
Prayers for her and for our family that we
can battle this and grow closer in the process.

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