Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the neighbor, Katie

I love all my neighbors and it will be hard to leave those who I
am closest to,
Laurie and Joe, their son, Raymond.
Bobby and Gwen who we share our halibut and duck with
and they cook it and share the awesomeness.
Then there are the Duet's...
Donna and Warren
Stephen and Katie... Katie my dear friend, Katie
who I call, "Katie the neighbor"
since we have so many Katie's
in our lives we came up with that name and it stuck.
Oh, but she is so much more than "Katie the neighbor"
She is my friend.
Funny because she is only a year older than gypsy baby
but we bonded more than she and gypsy baby ever had.
It is because we love a lot of the same things,
Scrapping and crafting,
garage sales and antiques, estate sales...
Age does not matter to me when it comes to friends.
As I am also very close to another of gypsy girls'
besties, Meghan who also loves crafting with me.
I am going to miss Katie and although we will
make plans to get together, it will not be like
her walking over because she noticed the scrapbook
room light on. Just the other day she sent me a link
to a huge estate sale in Vacherie.
I wanted to go so bad but I just couldn't wing it.
However, Katie and her brother went and she thought of me,
bought me the awesome antique fan that you see below.
I could have cried when she gave it to me.
I don't know who was more excited,
me for receiving it or her for giving it to me.
This is what makes "Katie the neighbor" so special
thinking of me while there.
There are not many young adults like this girl.
She is my friend and I will miss her greatly!


  1. This move will not end our friendship but only maje it stronger! Now a simple visit will turn into weekend sleepovers!