Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tide Pods

I really think I should start side-advertising on my blog
for extra cash because when I love something
I will shout it from the rooftops.
Since tomorrow, I am going to start some deep blogging,
decided today going to keep it light and say,
"What about Tide and these Pods!!!!"
There are some brands of groceries that I will go
generic on, not caring about the product but buying what
ever is cheaper. Toilet paper, paper towels, soap and
laundry detergent are the four things that will always
be name brand in my home.
Tide, as long as I am buying will always be the washing
detergent in this Riera home.
I went crazy with excitement when powder form of
detergent went to liquid as it was so much neater,
didn't leave clumpy powder on your clothes and all over
your washing machine.
I can only ask you to imagine, when during the Superbowl,
my excitement when I see Tide Pods...
are you joking, why wasn't this thought of sooner?
I mean cascade has been doing it for some time
to wash dishes and no one had did this for
laundry detergent.
SOOOO excited to buy my first Pods yesterday.
They are number one, cute.
Number two, light
Number three, not bulky
Number four, even neater than the liquid is.
No measuring, no waiting for enough
water to fill the tub so as not to stain your clothes.
Pop that little sucker in, put your clothes
Another reason why I love Tide all the better today.
This afternoon going to have friends from TES
visit for coffee and home-made desserts.
Cannot wait and I am sure the Pods will be brought up
as we catch up on so much.


  1. This is one of the reasons I love you Lil! ;)

  2. "Deep blogging" -- this one's pretty deep for me