Thursday, May 31, 2012


Does there really exist a disease of Kleptomania
or is this just an excuse for someone to be able to 
blame stealing on a true disease.
Why am I thinking this so early this morning?
A few weeks ago, coming home from DTB
I stopped at a small chain store.
There were a few patrons but it was pretty quiet.
I noticed a very young mother who was about
8 months pregnant with another baby sitting in the basket
who seemed to be about Bean's age.
Of course, I stopped to admire the baby
and then went on with my shopping.
Not long after I hear the young mother at the register
realizing as she tried to check out that she had
lost a 10 dollar bill. It's hard not to notice what is going on
as the store is small and not many people are there.
The cashier begins to help her search the store.
There is another employee, who seems to be
the manager, there but she not only 
does not help in the search, but she stands behind
the counter with arms crossed just watching the young mother.
Finally the young mother states that she won't be able to purchase
her wares, will have to go home and get more money.
The manager places herself in the exit door
and will not allow the young mother and the
basket sitting baby out the store.
Instead, she states loudly,
"Go over there, right now and remove my merchandise
from your purse before I call the police"
Oh, my heart starts palpating. I feel very uncomfortable
yet I can't stop staring.
The mother starts saying she doesn't know what she is talking
about. The manager does not let up, calls her by name,
"My blood pressure is up and you will not leave
this store with my merchandise, go and remove my things 
from your purse. And with a baby with you,
how ashamed you should be.
Then the shocking part for me,
the young mother, goes to the corner of the store with the
cashier and begin pulling clothes out of her purse.
She is crying begging the manager not to tell her
boyfriend. The manager only says for her to leave right now
and never let her see her in this store again.
Silly mother is crying saying, "But I love this store,
please don't tell my boyfriend..."
I am thinking, Woman just go, really, I am embarrased for you.
Finally she does leave, she looks like she can't be a day
over 19 with two babies. Stealing. In front of her baby.
I've thought about this incident a lot since it happened
on Mothers Day weekend. What makes someone steal.
Later the 10 dollar bill is found. She had money to pay
yet chose to steal it anyway. 
I wonder how many times she has done this in the past.
I feel sorry for the children. I am not sue what causes a person
to do this. Still can't grasp the whole situation.

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  1. I think some people have no morals or shame in this world!