Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving and then there is Christmas...

It had been some time since I felt like decorating on Lee Drive.
The move here to Plaquemine, to this beautiful home,
I, once again, have the urge to decorate.
HOBL thinks its a waste of money 
but I think it makes me happy so I will do it.
I have found something that used to make me so happy
that once again is doing that.
My favorite things I have decorated with for Halloween
and Thanksgiving have been things I have found at second hand
stores for dirt cheap. Others are things I have made.
Now comes Christmas and I find myself excited to pack
up the fall things and remember those things that I have
in my attic from Christmas' past, things I have not taken out 
and used in the last 4 years since gypsy baby graduated.
To all you men out there who just don't get it,
we women, we love it.
We love to make our homes pretty for the holidays.
A warmness comes from a visit to a home that is full
of the Holiday.
Thanks to Pinterest, I have many ideas for home made 
ideas and gifts. I have decided this Christmas will
be full of handmade.
Enjoy the holidays, enjoy decorating,
enjoy the cool weather.
Visit your friends often, say kind words to those you love.
Try and put past hurts aside to make this Christmas holiday
the best it can be.
Muah to all

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