Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 Yesterday I kept bean so we could go to a playdate
by Ethan's house. E's mom, Jessica was so sweet not
only to invite us but to have snacks and lunch ready.
We were also able to play with my friend, Lori and her
daughter, Cecelia who is visiting from Houston and
her little girl Genevieve.
 You can tell a little boy child lives at E's house.
Their coffee table is in fact a train station.
Yes, a whole table set up for a wooden train.
Bean loved that as she doesn't have many boy toys.
 She and Ethan are the same age with a few weeks between their
birthdays. They were so cute to watch.
Bean has learned the art of sharing at daycare,
she taught Ethan a few of the things she has learned.
 Genevieve, known as GG to her family is much younger than them,
not into interactive play yet but was such a good girl,
playing with every toy she could get her hands on.
 She is such a little sweetie and all three children
were fun to watch and oh, so good.
 I believe Ethan and Bean once again became
good friends, taking turns pushing each other 
on wagons.

 When we got back from our playdate, Bean was tired,
"Musie, book? night night?"
Love how she knows and can ask for what she wants.
Bean took a three hour nap while I read and dozed off a few times.
Just like every day together, it passed so fast.
When her Mommy came to get her, she was ready for HOME,
ready to be with her Mommy.
It was the first night with her Daddy offshore so that 
night is always a little hard for her
so I imagine she and her Mommy cuddled and watched 
the Goofy Movie which she loves.
Once again, I am amazed at all she is learning and doing so fast.
Her speech is better every day and sentences are becoming
longer and longer.
I always sing her the song, 
Sing a Song by the Carpenters.
Ever since she is little but lately she tells me
"No" very sternly when I begin to sing any song
she is not wanting to hear.
Except this week she began singing to her Daddy,
"Sing, sing a song"
She did it for me too, walking around singing,
"Sing sing a song"
then adding, "Musie, sing"
I sing, she dances her swagger.
I could go on and on....
How this child has become so important to me,
puts a smile on my face even on the hardest days.

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