Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thoughts of Jade

I don't know why buy for the last months or so
I have been thinking so much of my elementary friend, Jade
who died a few years ago of round two of breast cancer.
I blogged about her when she died in October two years ago.
We had just again made contact with each other via Facebook
when she found she was faced with cancer again.
I still have her private message to me about her cancer
on my Facebook page because I don't have the heart to erase it.
It is like still having a part of her still with me.
It is a strange thing, friendships as for many many years
we had not spoken or probably thought of each other.
Thanksgiving is here and for whatever reason, Jade has been on my mind.
I think of her two children, Holly and Jake and wonder how
they are fairing. Sometimes I still visit her fb page and
there her little daughter will post something or her
husband will place a writing there.
I believe in life after death and I believe that there
is always a reason of why someone who has passed is on our minds.
I don't always know why. I think during this Thanksgiving time
it may be to remind me that although winter is hard on my body,
I am alive and have to be thankful for that as Jade would
love to still be here with her family and her children.
That she would put the pain aside that she may have
and put a smile on her face to make the holidays wonderful 
for her children. Sometimes I need to be reminded
that the very things that cause my issues now are the 
very same things that are the reason for my life.
On hard days, Jade's 4th grade picture comes into my mind.
It comes to remind me that I need to be thankful for all of it,
for the hard times, the good times, all the times.
For her memory, I am thankful.
(Jade is bottom row, 5th from left)
( my two besties are also in here, bottom row number 4 is Ann,
bottom row right near my Aunt Tim, is Laurie, I am
sitting right next to Laurie)

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