Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading is not laziness

Winter is on it's way.
Even if the calendar didn't say it, 
my body would announce the news.
I thank myself so much for the love of reading.
I began reading at a very early age,
self taught by the many days and weeks I stayed in 
the hospital. Without the gift of reading I am not sure 
how I would ever have gotten past all those
days holed up in hospitals away from my siblings 
and peers. HOBL, he is not a reader so he does
not understand how I cans stay in a bed or on a sofa,
how I can lay on my Pappasan for hours with my nose in 
a book or my IPAD.
I can read, nonstop for hours without a break if the
book is a good one.
I also am kind of OCD when it comes to starting a book,
I have to finish it no matter how terrible it is.
Sometimes I feel guilty because HOBL is moving all around
me cleaning or doing some little project and I am
there laying and reading.
HE will ask,
"You don't get tired of laying there reading all the time?"
Answer, Nope.
Not ever, not even a little bit.
I feel for those people in the world who either can't read
or do not enjoy reading. I don't know what I would do without
this hobby, I can go anywhere, be anything when reading a book.
I can get away from the realities of life.
People ask me what I like to read and my answer is now,
anything. When I was younger I only would read what
I liked like love stories, horror.
Now I see myself wanting to learn more about the world around me.
I want to become knowledgeable about history
and geography, the possibilities are endless.
I love a good book......
shoot, I love any book.


  1. Ask Jes ... I started reading a murder mystery in Gulf Shores -- I stole it from the condo (oops)
    It's about a 500 page book ...
    Continued reading it in Destin the following summer (which was 2 years ago)
    Continue reading it at night now and again ...

    I'm proud to say I'm on page 140 :)
    I might send it to you to read so you can tell me who dunnit.

  2. I love to read too! As long as I have a book with me, then I'm happy!

  3. ha to the bfob... just give me the name of the book, I will get it and read it, fill you in all before you can get me your copy.
    I read Stephen King 800 pages in about a week and was so sad when it was done. Could have done it in days but I had to do other stuff....