Sunday, November 4, 2012

an old friend, T-net

I am always in awe of the way we continue to play a part
in other people's lives, and they in ours even when we 
haven't seen these people in some time.
A few day ago, I posted the above picture on my Facebook wall
explaining that I had painted this for my dear Nannie when I was 12
and she had kept it hanging in her home after all these years, 
37 to be exact.
I had not remembered painting it and was touched that my
cousin, Geneva wanted to give it back to me after my Nannie's passing.
I can see so many flaws in it all these years after.
To my Nannie, it was a masterpiece.
After the post I had some comments on how special it was.
One post was from an old friend from high school,
Antoinette. As adults, we have spoken a few times
as she came when I spoke at Woman of God conference
as well as we are friends on facebook.
At my Nannie's funeral I find out just how close
she was to my Nannie and Uncle Charles.
She lived next door to them and told me 
awesome stories about how my Uncle Charles basically
helped her raise her boys, taught them  to hunt.
When her boys were growing up and they were sick,
there were times my Nannie actually babysat for her.
I am so floored about these stories as I not only did not know
she lived near them, but did not know how important
they all were in each others lives.
Another shocker when I posted the above picture when
Antoinette commented on the picture that she
also owned a "Lilly original"
What? I painted a picture for Tanette as we called her 
in high school? For the life of me, I cannot remember this.
I ask her to post a picture of the painting and she does.
This below painting is the picture she posts and the memory comes back.
One year, I painted pictures for all my high school friends and 
my Dad built  little wood frames for all of them.
He was always so proud of anything I did with art.
I am touched by the fact that not only does Tanette still have the
painting but still has it hanging in her home. 
I mean look at it, it is not the best, I mean I was a teenager.
To think that after 37 years, she still sees this and thinks of me
every day as it hangs in her master bath.
That two paintings that was done when I was a child
hung in two homes that were near each other.
Yep, facebook is responsible for the realization.
Thanks to Antoinette not only for sharing this news
but for being so close to my godmother and helping them
as much as they helped you.
I would say a true friend is that one that even after
all these years, the word friend comes to mind when their
name name is mentioned.
A true friend, that Tanette!


  1. You are very talented and yes, life has a way of making us realize how we are all connected!

  2. Awww! You are so sweet! Yes, fb is key in reuniting me with so many people in my life.
    Nonk Gui and Cookie, as we call them, were instrumental in me getting my teaching career off the ground. They made it easier for me to do everything I had to do. I will always be so grateful to them. It is because of their generosity and love of Mr. Gabe that we have what we have.
    Thanks for your kind words. T-Net
    ~When I livedin Lafayette, a coworker started spelling Tanette as T-Net, and it stuck. It's nice and simple.