Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Last thing I need.

There are lots of "last things I need" on my list.
I have so many collections besides loving again to decorate 
for the holidays.
I am finally getting used to the new home and all it has to offer.
I once again am enjoying decorating the new home
and even cleaning it.
I had not felt like decorating for the holidays like this 
since the kids grew up.
I understand that we are blessed to have such a beautiful home
and it's not "keeping up with the Jones'"
that has me wanting to decorate.
It is being proud of the abode.
It has taken me a while to get used to the home and new town.
Partly because HOBL being injured has worried us some.
He is on the mend and I am thankful for that also.
Back to the last thing I need,
a new collection.
GEES, do I have collections,
I have a miniature collection, a book collection, a journal collection,
a scrapbook collection and lets not forget my collection
of the deals I make a garage sale collections.
It makes me sound like a hoarder when put in words but
anyone who knows me and has been in my home knows
I am not a hoarder, just like pretty things.
So, you ask (or maybe you didn't) what is this all about?
I have a new love for One of a Kind hand made
miniature dolls. When searching ebay or etsy,
you will see OOAK.
For a while I thought this was the artist who made all these things,
then I realized that OOAK stands for
One Of A KInd.
I think maybe my new fad is because Bean and I both love little things.
When she holds one of my miniatures  I see her little eyes and face light up.
I explain to her what gentle means, remind her don't drop it and
she holds it softly with two hands, gently and she will softly 
kiss whatever the item is.
Oh I love her little face when she plants that kiss on the mini.
I love that she loves these things.
Another thing she loves is  babies, I mean adores all babies,
wants to feed them, put pacifiers in their mouth, rock them.
She treasures her baby dolls and if you go down the toy aisle
at a store she will say "Toy?" first then she will say, "Bee-bee"
which is how she says baby.
So now I search for miniature babies, OOAK ones to collect.
I want to have them to put in Beans little hands and see her little face
light up, see her soft little kisses on my finds.
Gosh, I love that little girl....

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