Friday, November 30, 2012

A sad day for the Rousse's

I have been incognito for days as the pain of winter 
had me down for a few.
I am feeling better but sad that I am not well enough
to make the 4 hour ride to the funeral of a great man today.
Menton Rousse, my sister C, and brother-in-law Ted's daddy.
MY nephews were blessed in a way that I nor my children never were.
With the knowledge of what a real grandfather was.
When he was well, there was nothing this grandfather would not have
done for any of his children or grandchildren.
It was not unusual for him to babysit a grandchild or two if they 
were sick from school. He loved his family so much.
C commented that he had been her daddy longer than our own father had been.
We lost our daddy at the age of 20 and 22 so our children
never got to know him.
Mr. Menton, that was an example of a true grandfather and father.
He was not my father in law but treated me just as he would treat C.
Always kind and funny with my own children.
I am sad today for them.
For my brother in law, Ted, being the baby who's
daddy always was there for him, who began a plumbing business
many years ago which became Ted's living and now is passed
down to another generation, to Kris.
What an honor Ted and Kris are doing in their father's name
not to mention the gift of giving an established business to his 
son and grandson.
This business is proudly still called Rousse Plumbing and I
don't think that name will ever change, in memory of a terrific man.
Ted was his baby and when we were younger, when he and C
were first married, there was nothing TEd needed or wanted
that this man would not provide for. The epitome of a daddy.
There are also Myron and Meryl, Trudy and Bob.
All the grandchildren who was loved by this man.
A close knit family that should be so proud of all of themselves
for the love and attention Mr. Menton was given in his last 
few years and harder months.
Mrs. Rose, will be lost for some time as they have always
been the type of marriage that did everything together.
Yet, I believe in some ways the whole family has some relief
that his suffering is over.
It's a time for believing in Heaven and knowing
the Big Man has control over the situation.
I am sad that I can't be there, really am because
he was an important man to me also.
His brother died a few years ago and since then 
a piece of Mr. Menton was missing, he spoke of him often
and I do believe he was never really well again after that loss.
That is what the love of a sibling can do to you sometimes.
I know the Rousse family will feel comfort knowing that the brothers
are together once again and that we will all miss him but in Heaven
there is no sense of time so he will be there waiting for the rest when
their time comes. 
Love to all of you, wish so badly I could be there for all of you.
C, Ted, Arthur and Kris,
my love to each of you on this very hard day.
Rest in Peace, Heaven rejoices.


  1. Praying for Ted, C, Arthur, Kris, Ms. Rose, and the family. Mr. Menton was a wonderful man and such a blessing!

    1. Thank you so much. Today is truly a day of strength, love and friendship.

  2. Thanks Sister for your comfort and loving words. All you wrote from your hear is absolutely true.
    From the entire Rousse family we will miss your presence and will pray for your quick recovery and healing. We know how much you suffer and wish there was a way to take it away for you.

    Love you so much
    The Rousse Family