Monday, November 19, 2012

Crisis in the Middle East

As I sit here in the safe and comfort of my home,
drinking my coffee,
I hear on the news about the 
crisis in the Middle East.
It has me unbelieving that these types of things
happen in the world.
A two minute warning to get out your home 
because it will be bombed,
all the political officials are in hiding as they
and their families are being picked off one by one.
This is surreal to me, living in the good old
US of A.
We all have our ways of complaining about the politics,
the government, who will win an election
and we do this with the freedom we have because of
where we live.
We are lucky to live in a country that no matter
how you live, how you believe,
you will never have to worry when you put your
head down at night whether you will 
get that two minute warning to save your life
and your family's life.
We live in a country that thankfully,
the majority of us are sane individuals
and don't have to worry about death for believing
Once again, I am glad to live in the place.

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  1. Ugh, I am sick, really over the deaths in Gaza.... so many children, it is so sick to watch these children in their bomb shelters.. 30 second warning and then you still don't know if it's your house that will be bombed and if they make a mistake.... oooppsss sorry wrong address. May we pray for these children because aren't they all innocent at that age...