Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I don't care who you vote for as today is not to argue our points.
Today is the day to go out and act on your
freedom as a US citizen.
Time to put your vote behind your beliefs and
pull the lever for the things you want.
Many men and women have died so we can 
close that curtain behind us and cast our own ballot.
Today, people basically have made up their minds on
which way they are going.
If you don't use this day to use your freedom
then you really do not nor should not complain on
the way things change or don't change.
HOBL and I head to Thibodaux today to do just that
as we have not yet changed our address.
HOBL's first time to vote.
WE going to make a day of it and bring Bean 
with us....
Have a fine day, friends!

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