Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election done

Election is done and another four years of Obama.
I do know this, no matter how the vote would have gone,
this morning I would be okay and come November I would
support whoever had been voted into office.
Why? Because my Daddy who fought in WWII raised us
to respect our President and officials, to work with them not against them
and only in that way can our US of A be the best it can be.
This makes me different from most who are Romney supporters
who say Obama is not their president.
Until our Country comes together as one Nation,
I don't' know if we ever will become strong like USA was
when our forefathers lived.
This is my opinion, the one I can have.
I was misunderstood when I thanked those Romney supporters
who did not go out and vote.
My statement was merely to tell people it is important to vote.
I, too, just don't love the electoral vote system in place and
never agreed with it but it is what has been in place for generations
and will not change. 
Some have said their vote does not count with this system but
in reality it does. The vote of your area will go to the 
majority vote, if you don't vote then the incumbent vote will win.
It is also why turning in our census matters, it is how
the law decides how many electoral votes we receive.
Those states with most people, get more votes.
Louisiana actually lost an electoral vote with the last census.
I am not a pro at understanding this whole political thing.
What I type here is what I can remember from 2000
when Al Gore won the popular vote but Bush won the election.
When our vote does not count is in the case of an electoral vote tie.
Then each state gets one vote by congress.
No matter what the popular vote is, that congress can vote for whomever they want.
In that case, I am glad this thing did not end in a tie as then we
would be honest in saying our vote does not count.
Keep voting, do your census every ten years.
Our voices do count.

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  1. I came from Taiwan, the country which is not acknowledged.
    There is a common problem in my country.
    If the people cannot accept with compromise, how do we solve the problem?

    P.S I can't speak well english,sorry.