Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving...

 Just realized that I had not shared pictures of pumpkin carving
on my blog. This happened on Tuesday night, the event
was late in the planning but we had a great time.
It is a tradition that my kiddies always had growing up
and one I would like to continue for Bean and her cousins/friends.
 HOBL was nice enough to grill for us on his new pit
even though he has not been feeling well for some time.
and I must say the food was delicious, thanks, HOBL!
Above is Melissa and her sweet Carter, 
Katie's first cousin and her godchild.
 The girls were into carving,
The men, not so much....
 Baby girl was very excited that someone took her shift
so she could attend this event as it seems to still mean a lot to her,
then she didn't even complete her pumpkin....
could it be she is getting to old for this????
Perish the thought.
 Our new neighbors, Brittany and Devon and their
triplets were able to join us, I think these girls
had the most fun.
Thanks for coming, guys!
 Bean was not interested in carving "pumpakins"
especially when she saw the "Yucky inside guts of her pumpkin.
but she did have a fantastic time,
loved the three sisters, found herself this balance beam
that she had not noticed before this night.
Going to be a gymnast, maybe?
 Thanks to all who visited.
I promise next year not to wait until the last minute
and get it done on a weekend so we can spend more
time visiting and carving.

 Below picture is Bean scaring BG, her Nannie with the plastic 
roach I put in her Halloween bag.
She loves spending time with her Nannie.

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