Tuesday, November 20, 2012

oh yes she did!!!

Baby boy posted something on facebook to the effect,
"Who ever thought you could be so proud because someone pooped in toilet"
Yep, our Bean seems as though she will just be no trouble
to potty train as she basically asked Kd
for the potty and did her business.
When my baby came  out of diapers I remember two 
feelings at the same time.
One, it was like getting a raise as diapers are so expensive.
Then the second thought was,
"Time for another one"
Don't know if the other Riera couple had that thought
but to say we are all so proud of our Bean for pooping 
on the potty is an understatement.
The older she gets the easier she becomes.
Oh and that smile, and the way she looks at you from the corner
of her eyes just melts all of us.
She is growing so fast, continuing to bring us
happiness every day.
 She is very independent but so loving at the same time.
She will greet you with big hugs and kisses always
and she has a way of softly kissing everything her hands
touch that make her happy.
Everything gets kissed, everything from the 
little babies she loves to the ducks her daddy killed.
 She calls me "Musie" right now, hasn't mastered the whole Mumsie name
but when she calls me, "Musie!" I know it's me she is calling.
She continues to amaze us every day.
We are some lucky, lucky people we are.

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