Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bean and the pups

Bean loves pups.
She prefers her big boxers,
Ali and Dempsey
but as she gets older, the lil pups,
Jake and Trixie can entertain her
and make her laugh.
I can't watch the videos enough.
I can't wait until I can see the real bean
every day.
The house is beautiful,
can't believe after all HOBL and I's hard
work over the last 27 years that
we will own such a fine home.
I can't believe that I will finally live
on a waterway even though it's not so big,
I can fish when I want.
Yet all of these were not the biggest necessities.
The biggest necessity was to be closer
to Bean, to her parents and
her Godmother who is known best as...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

few more...

Just once again, looking at the pics of the house that soon
will be our home...
love the side view of the outside that certainly reminds
me of the french quarters...
what with the balconies and black wrought iron fences.
Is it the 20th of April yet?

Not just my HOBL

My HOBL has always been such a great provider,
to me and to the Riera babies.
Yet, since Anna, his half sister became ill,
I have been privileged to see him in a different light.
One, even after knowing him for 33 years,
I had never seen before.
That is the role he has played as a brother.
From the moment he heard his baby sister
had cancer he kicked in to this big brother mode.
These siblings lives have not been easy and they
have not always been close, but they always
did love each other very much.
Aside from Roxanne, HOBL's step sister, and Anna's half sister,
and Jack, their uncle,
they only have each other when it comes to siblings.
HOBL flew in from Alaska just as soon as he could
when we got the news that Anna was battling cancer.
We both felt that because we were raising a family
and working hard while their mother was ill,
we couldn't do as much as we would have liked for her.
We always had the comfort and the confidence that
Anna was there for her, to care for her
and she did. Not once did we ever have to worry
about whether or not Anna and her partner Dana could or would do it.
So when Anna got sick, right away HOBL and I decided
that not only did we want to, but we owed this to her
for all she had done for their mother.
I can say, without a doubt, that HOBL has been the most
awesome brother and I am so proud of him.
He came in, took over all her paperwork,
her affairs so as to make sure every piece of paperwork
that needed to be done, every phone call that needed to be made,
every thing that needed to be copied was done.
Because of his determination to help,
Anna and Dana will not have to worry about finances
while she is recuperating from this life-changing diagnosis of
cancer and major surgery.
He visited every day in the hospital and even stayed with
her when Dana or I could not.
He has given her all she has needed or wanted while in our
home getting better.
The two of them have spent much time together
just talking, reminiscing, growing closer.
One night we found ourselves, sitting around
our guest bedroom, Anna, HOBL, Dana and I just talking.
It has been fun, like having a pajama party every night.
Their sibling bond is stronger than it probably has ever been
since they were kids in this picture.
HOBL left for Alaska yesterday, but not
before making sure that Anna would be with me the rest
of the week and even longer if she needed it.
Assuring that I would make sure she would
have all she needed to make a full recovery.
Anna made a comment one day to me,
saying, "Boy, I bet my momma is smiling down from heaven
watching me and my brother together."
My wish when I am gone is that my two babies
will be there for each other as HOBL has been there for his sister.
HOBL, I am so proud and love you more than I ever thought
I did before. I would be honored to have you as my brother,
more honored to have you as my hubby, my HOBL
(even though you drive me crazy. Lol)
(Anna, is the cutie in she and HOBL's great-grandmothers lap.
Little boy on the left is their Uncle Jack
HOBL can't be missed as baby boy looked just like him
at that age. The confirmed girl is he and Anna's sister,
Donna who died in 1986 in a car accident.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the neighbor, Katie

I love all my neighbors and it will be hard to leave those who I
am closest to,
Laurie and Joe, their son, Raymond.
Bobby and Gwen who we share our halibut and duck with
and they cook it and share the awesomeness.
Then there are the Duet's...
Donna and Warren
Stephen and Katie... Katie my dear friend, Katie
who I call, "Katie the neighbor"
since we have so many Katie's
in our lives we came up with that name and it stuck.
Oh, but she is so much more than "Katie the neighbor"
She is my friend.
Funny because she is only a year older than gypsy baby
but we bonded more than she and gypsy baby ever had.
It is because we love a lot of the same things,
Scrapping and crafting,
garage sales and antiques, estate sales...
Age does not matter to me when it comes to friends.
As I am also very close to another of gypsy girls'
besties, Meghan who also loves crafting with me.
I am going to miss Katie and although we will
make plans to get together, it will not be like
her walking over because she noticed the scrapbook
room light on. Just the other day she sent me a link
to a huge estate sale in Vacherie.
I wanted to go so bad but I just couldn't wing it.
However, Katie and her brother went and she thought of me,
bought me the awesome antique fan that you see below.
I could have cried when she gave it to me.
I don't know who was more excited,
me for receiving it or her for giving it to me.
This is what makes "Katie the neighbor" so special
thinking of me while there.
There are not many young adults like this girl.
She is my friend and I will miss her greatly!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I can't believe I heard it...

As I sit here with sis-in-law
and HOBL drinking my coffee
and I watch Dr. Phil reruns on extended cable,
I heard HOBL say,
What??? did I truly hear that
right???? My HOBL, who always
teasingly puts down my favorite man,
admitting that he thinks he is smart?
Ohh, I told him,
"When you talk like that Makes me want
to get frisky"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

more for myself

This post is more for myself.
Time to put it down so I can let it "be gone"
When I realized that I could not work
I filed for disability retirement.
At first I didn't want to.
I felt like people would look at me like others
who are on disability and did not deserve it.
I hate labels, and although I am not one to care
what others think about me, this one was touchy.
I also knew that once going that route, I knew
that my working days were going to be over.
You see, in my mind I knew I could never do it again,
but my heart still hadn't grasped it, telling myself
that maybe in a few years I could find some type
of job in nursing that I could do.
HOBL convinced me that I needed to file for
disability. I have given 30 years to the profession and
I was too young to collect retirement.
We don't need the money, but to have my own income
does wonders for a self-esteem.
I decided that this was a right I had and I needed to pursue it.
We had heard how hard it is to get it and
how people usually have to appeal, get a lawyer to finally
win a disability claim.
HOBL and I did all the necessary work,
gathered information from the many physicians I have seen
for all the issues I have had.
We sent it all in.
In my mind, I thought that if this team of medical professionals,
this board did not think I met qualifications,
maybe I could do something part time.
HOBL said it wasn't going to happen as I finally
have gotten adjusted and having good days.
Two weeks ago we received a letter saying
the information was going to the board and within
the next 4 to 6 weeks I would have the verdict.
I haven't thought much of it, I was glad it was over.
I hated going to ask physicians to and ask them
to do the paperwork, gather records.
I don't know why but it made me feel like I was like
some others who are not truly disabled and file.
On Friday, a letter came in the mail, HOBL
opened it and in just two weeks, a determination
had been made. I was considered medically disabled
by a board of professionals.
No second doctors, no appeals, no lawyers.
It was over, deemed disabled.
I was happy, I was sad.
Happiness came with the fact that I had another
confirmation that I should not be working
and that I would be supplemented because of this finding.
It was not about the money, again.
It was about others who don't know me, who don't love me,
complete strangers, just looking at records
realizing without question that I could not work.
Sadness came for the very same reason.
A board of people who again, did not know me,
decided my career was over.
This is another door of closure.
Yet, it is real, I never again will hold a job in the
nursing field or any field for that matter.
I cried for this. Now my heart and head could be in
the same place at the same time.
Today, I am fine. I realize that this move
in this new home, although it had been done
before I received the findings,
was going to be a fresh new beginning.
I need that. A new start for a new life.
A new chapter to begin in new surroundings.
And as one of my sister's reminded me,
when I told her sis-in-law was here to recuperate
from surgery,
I am never going to stop nursing,
it's just in a different way.
I share this most personal information not to brag,
but to put it down in words always helps me
as well as sharing it with others may help
someone else going through these same predicament one day.
Love to all, happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Houston Road trip needed for Riera/Guidry family

I am so relieved and sooooo happy to report
that the biopsy reports of Anna's renal cell cancer
has come back.... No spread of the cancer!
All was contained to the kidney,
no cells in the fatty tissue surrounding the kidney,
no positive lymph nodes,
the renal vein clean of all bad cells.
What a relief that is!!!!
Now all Anna has to focus on is getting over
this major surgery and with this news,
I think the worst is over.
I cannot express how excited we all are over this news.
We cannot thank all who have prayed and reached
out to our families through this trying time.
This move to Plaquemine is so much more exciting
now that this wonderful news has been given to us.
OH God is so good....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new town to love...

Yes, it's official...
HOBL and I have finally found a home closer to our babies
and the bean.
It is something that we have thinking about and looking
at properties for a year, since the Bean was born.
And although I love Thibodaux, have made wonderful friends
here, and will have a heavy heart when leaving,
family always wins out over friends.
We did say we were not going to buy a new home unless
it met all our wants.
Imagine the excitement when all our wants were
only 5 minutes from bean!
Because gypsy baby is in the process of moving to
Baton Rouge, will only be about half hour away from her.
You may ask, what were those qualifications we were looking for.
It had to be a newer home that needed no work.
It had to be on some type of waterway as we have always dreamed
of that. It didn't matter whether we could dock a boat, we can't here
but I want to be able to fish, relax, watch ducks swim.
Here, we have it! I can fish and after baby boy and I go fishing
and add those catches to his live well,
this waterway will be stocked.
I will sit and fish...
think and relax.
Because it is in the country club and surrounded by a
golf course, we will have full access to the pool,
health club, and other amenities.
I love the idea of swimming but not having to maintain a pool.
It will be so good for my back,
there are tennis courts also
wonder if HOBL will learn to golf... (choking on laughter)
The home itself is built on the New Orleans french quarter style.
Has everything I wanted in a home plus many extras.
Leaving Lee Drive will be tough as we have met such wonderful
neighbors here, the friends whom have blessed my life are
so great I can't even count them.
Like I said earlier, though, the kids always win.
They may not see it as winning.... ha
It got to the point where not only was I sleeping at BB and KD's
house probably more than they liked,
but when returning home I sometimes cried on my drive home
because a week was so long when waiting to see her.
I would ride around looking for a closer place to live.
You see, it is true what they say about grandbabies.
They suck the love out of you!
Even if I don't see her everyday, I want that option
but I don't want to be in BB and KD's space all the time.
I have been this road before, leaving many family and friends
to move from the bayou to Thibodaux, something I never thought
I could do. Since then I have said it was the very best thing
I had ever done.
I hope to be able to say the same of this move.
Thibodaux will still be a place I spend much time in
as long as my own Mumsie is alive.
She is my only worry about leaving.
Just as my sisters have reassured me though,
I have to be where I am happy and they have assured
me that Momma will be fine and we will all continue to do
and give her what she needs.
Her dementia has gotten so bad that even if I tell her I am
moving, she won't remember.
She loves where she is at, opting many times to stay there
than come with us on a family outing.
Now, tell her you going to the casino and she is there.
We will plan more family casino trips.
So, to all, it's official unless something goes wrong with the
sale, we will be Iberville Parish residents which seems strange
to me because I have, my whole life, never lived in any
other parish than Lafourche.
Wish us luck as we travel this road to retirement.
Oh and this room right here? Instead of the "man cave" that it is
for the homeowner, it will be my new scraproom.
That door opens up to the second floor balcony overlooking
the bayou Jacob... Life is good.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Putting worries of cancer aside

For this weekend me and HOBL are putting all
the worries and stresses of Anna's cancer behind us.
Come Monday it will be our main focus,
but right now, all our attention and love
is going to be with our Bean as she
celebrates her first birthday
with a huge birthday party on Sunday.
With all those people who love her.
Her Mommy has worked so hard on everything for this party
so you can imaging how excited she is to
share the day with so many family and friends.
It is hard to believe that this lovey is already a year old.
The first year was awesome and fun,
but the second year will come with
more vocabulary than we probably can keep up with.
I suspect after her tubes are put in her ears on Tuesday
she will start repeating all she hears as she
already is trying to do that now.
You think the bean knows what she is doing already,
having these two grandpa's wrapped all around
her fingers.
Shoot not just wrapped but entertwined between
those sweet little fingers!
Notice each of them are feeding her something...
It will be a fantastic weekend and a great
distraction from the week that is coming up.
Going to leave at 4 going to help with the birthday
More pictures to follow, sure you are not shocked
by that bit of news.

Friday, March 16, 2012

If you would give your life...

"If you would give your life for your children,
then why won't you live for them?"
Oh my Dr. Phil, what a way he has with words.
Someone I love much is going through a rough patch.
I am not sure why life can be easy for some
and so hard to live for others.
It doesn't matter as I write this post,
it just matters that somehow I continue
to try and be truthful to this person
while keeping compassion in my words, in my heart.
I have realized that sometimes, because I am such
a strong-willed person, I have trouble understanding
why some people just "don't do it", just don't live
their best life possible for their children if not
for themselves.
Do what they need to be to be happy, joyous and free.
Yesterday, it not being the first time I have this realization,
I say to HOBL and a niece of mines,
Some people just can't do it.
It is too hard for them.
Not everyone has the strength to do
what is very obvious to others.
It does not mean they never can do it.
It just means that until they get stronger, healthier,
it is just hard.
So what am I called to do?
LIsten, try and give healthy advice, try to have
empathy for those who are not as fortunate as me.
Today, I focus on Dr. Phil's words above.
To even strangers today my lenten action will be:
"Smile sincerely to everyone you meet today"
Because you just never know who out there is struggling.
Who out there is hanging on to a thread of their lives
in hopes of finding themselves for their children.
You never know what just a smile, an ear, an honest
opinion can do for some.
Not all are meant to advise, however.
I know I should even keep my mouth shut sometimes.
Some of us are meant to just stand on the sidelines
of a suffering loved one and pray.
Yet, everyone can smile...
and everyone, everyone,
should find a healthy life for their children.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just for the laughter...

Now it is known that Chuckie Cheese is not just
for kiddies....
HOBL never did things like this with his own babies,
always was busy working.
Bean brings out another side of him that
we don't often get to see.
Not sure who is the better rider...
Thanks to videos we will always

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The bean turns one

I know, it is hard to believe, but our Bean turns one
today! We are headed to Plaquemine to meet her immediate
family so we can bring her to Chuckie Cheese and we
are determined that she ride every ride there is.
I know, I know, before she was born I heard all those things
other grandparents say to you,
"Welcome to the stupid club"
or "get ready, you will love her like none before"
yes, I fought all these saying everyone spoke of.
I knew I would love her tremendously but I didn't
like all the cliche's that so many talk of in reference
to being a grandmother.
They were right.
I stand corrected.
You see, the thing is, it is not something you can
actually explain to any one.
Because I am a woman of words, blessed with the
"gift of gab" I thought surely I would be able to
put this love into perspective.
Fact is, there are no words that will get across to someone
else that can explain the love I have for bean.
People tell us, what a lucky baby she is to have you and her other
set of grandparents, the parents she was given, the extended family
that adores her but the truth of the matter is, it is us
who are lucky. She is like no other baby.
She has mannerisms and a personality like no other baby.
She was the one for us, she is perfect for the mixture of our lives.
God could not have mixed two parents together better to make
this child that we all adore.
It is a funny thing that although I long to see her every day
the days I do know I am going to see her are the absolute worse.
I cannot get to Plaquemine quick enough.
When I turn by the CVS that will take me to her house
I get butterflies in my belly because of anticipation of wanting to see her.
When I do see her I have to stop myself from hugging her tight and
long that will make her cry.
She is our world, we all would die for her...
So today is her big day!
Sunday is her big, big party but today is her intimate
party with those of us who love her the most.
This is Kd I believe at around 6 or 9 months old...
she resembles her mother the most, I think...
This is Baby Boy on his first birthday, two things
she got from him, that wild white hair that has a mind
of it's own and her head, just like her deda.

prayers for Anna

My sister-in-law, HOBL's sister, Anna
is facing right now, what many of us would consider
the worst nightmare ever.
She went into the hospital on Saturday thinking
she had either a kidney infection or a kidney stone,
maybe even pneumonia to get the news that
she is battling Kidney cancer.
She was transferred to Thib. regional where
the best urologist ever, Dr. Ray was waiting for her.
After having the Ct scan with contrast yesterday
the full scope of the problem was shared with us.
Bad news, she has a massive renal cancer in her
right kidney. Good news is, it seems as though
it has not invaded any other organs like
the liver, vena cava or lymph nodes.
Believe me, this is very good news.
Because of this the surgery can be done locally
by Dr. Ray. Otherwise she would have to travel
to MD Anderson for surgery and treatment.
Prayers, big, big prayers are needed as this
type of cancer does not usually care about
chemotherapy or radiation.
Removal is your best option in stopping this
big C. If there is any spread she will have
to go to MD Anderson for their advice.
Anna, before this news, had done major things, major steps
to change her life for the better.
You can look at this as being not fair, or you can look at this
as being what was needed to be able to fight this disease.
She has moved to Thibodaux and away from things
that kept her stagnate. She began working for the sheriff's department
after many years of searching jobs for the one that would fulfill
her. She found that as a deputy and now has the reason to fight
to get back to that career she loves.
Because of her major life changes, we have been
blessed with a new relationship with her and her partner, Dana.
In the last 6 months we have spent more time together, spoke more
than we have in the last 10 years.
These, we choose to look at as the positives.
The things God did to prepare her for what was coming.
When HOBL's mom was sick, which was much of our adult lives,
and as she died, Anna never left her side. No matter how
hard it was, she never left her Momma.
I told HOBL, we have an opportunity here to give
back to her for all she did for his mother that at the time,
we just could not do.
I know how she must feel right now.
She has her wonderful partner Dana, who has been her partner
for over 20 years. I know myself, when I am sick, facing major
life changes, it is my daddy I want.
She, at this time, would love to have her momma.
As I told her, I cannot make that happen for her but
I promised I will not leave her. She will have someone
with her 24/7 until she feels like she is well enough
to manage on her own. She deserves this and I and her
brother are honored to be able to do this with her.
She is home now until Monday when she will have
the surgery to remove the kidney and mass.
Prayers for her and for our family that we
can battle this and grow closer in the process.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awe.... To be entertained...

Typing on the iPad sorry if editing is not great.
This weekend I have had the pleasure of my
Godchild née and my BFF, bailey to sleep over.
If you don't hang out with kids often, you
Forget just how interesting they are and
How the world looks different from their eyes.
We are coming back from Laffy yesterday
When the conversation of heaven and hell come up.
We talk about how everyone we know who,has died
Has found their way to heaven. Because
You have to be really, really bad to find yourself
In hell. Née won't even say the word, perish
The thought. Bailey enlightens us and tries to relieve
Nee's fears. "well if you are too bad for heaven but not bad
Enough for hell, you can go to that middle place"
Née does not know of this middle place.
"yeah, you know, that middle place"
I add, that e Catholics do believe in that.
"yeah" bailey explains, "it's called the Military"...
"No, B I am pretty sure it's called purgatory"
"oh, yeah, that's it!"
We are getting closer to home and it's late, we are
All tired but as we pass over the Morgan City bridge
I tell the girls to look how pretty the lights of Morgan City
Are and née perks up,
"Nannie, that looks just like a mini New York"
I have heard Morgan City called many things,
But never something as nice as that!
Now we are really close to home s I tell the girls
To read the next sign coming up.
It is the Thibodaux/Chacahoula exit.
Ahhhhh I tell the cuties I can smell home.
Née is still puzzled by the sign and word
I explain that if we go right we go to Thib.
If we go right we go to CHACAHOULA
"well, I don't want to go there, my mama
Has that!"
I am not understanding this.
"you know Nannie that disease my maw
Has, chocoholic"
Oh what a day this was...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Secrets of adulthood

From the book
by gretchen rubin
(a few of my favorites)
People don't notice your mistakes as much as you think.
It's okay to ask for help.
Most decisions don't require extensive research.
Do good, feel good.
It's important to be nice to everyone.
Bring a sweater.
By doing a little better each day, you can get a lot accomplished.
Soap and water remove most stains.
Turning the computer on and off a few times often fixes a glitch.
If you can't find something, clean up.
You can choose what you do; you can't choose what you like to do.
Happiness doesn't always make you feel happy.
What you do every day matters more than what you do
once in a while.
You don't have to be good at everything.
If you are not failing, you're not trying hard enough.
Over-the-counter medicines are very effective.
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
What's fun for other people may not be fun for you-
and vice versa.
People actually prefer that you buy wedding gifts off their registry.
You can't profoundly change your children's natures
by nagging them or signing them up for classes.
No deposits, no returns.
Okay, I thought I would only post a few
but each one of me is so darn special!
Over the next few days I hope to bring to the blog
exactly how some of these have impacted me,
how I look at them.
Make it a good one!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two for one

Two blogs in one day.
Had to share pictures from a wonderful afternoon
had at my home.
I have this motto.
"Bake and they will come"
So that is just what I did.
Baked lots of desserts, brewed coffee
and all my podna's I invited showed up to
spend time catching up.
I couldn't invite all that I wanted to,
heck wish I could have invited all of TES.
But I will be doing this more often,
so If I didn't catch them this time,
most assuredly, will catch others next time.
Not all who came to play are in pictures as some came later
and some left early.
It was a fantastic afternoon.
I am pretty stubborn when inviting people to my home.
When Mel tried to tell me she might not make it,
I pouted like a 4 year old via text...
she and Matthew and Beth showed up...
that pouting works!
BEcky told me she could only stay for a small amount of time.
I knew once she got here that would change...
It did and I was happy for the time she and Grace spent.
Patricia tried to tell me she would be late per text,
I texted back "Boo"
her wonderful, hubby offered to pick up Elise later
and drop her off so Patricia and MeMe
could come after school.
I got to visit with Amanda's belly where Taylor lives...
The day is coming when she will be part of our world...
can't wait.
Then there is Kim and Celeste.
Texted KIm just yesterday afternoon,
took me up on the offer and brought our friend,
and her right side girl for visitation.
Buffy and Macy showed up later, so happy they did.
Fran and Marie and those others not mentioned,
Thanks to all of you for making yesterday afternoon
a most special day.
Part of my Happiness Project is to spend
more time with family and friends.
I would say it was a good start.

The Happiness Project

One of my pals, Ash kept speaking on her
facebook wall about a book called
-gretchen rubin
There are those books that I read for entertainment
then there are those books that I read
because they put life back into my thinking.
One other books that have done this for me?
I decided after reading a little about the book
that it was something I needed to look into.
Oh my, it will be a book I quote from
for some time. Rubin writes the book
not because she is depressed, not because
she is unhappy but merely because she believes
there are things we can all do that makes our lives
even more fulfilling, finding the joy in little things.
Her writing appeals to me as it is so easy to absorb.
She quotes from another writer,
Colette, words that were haunting her before she started
"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd
realized it sooner"
She then writes,
"I didn't want to look back, at the end of my life
or after some great catastrophe, and think,
"how happy I used to be then, if only I'd realized it"
This book has been profound for me.
I will be sharing more of it here on my blog
because I feel we all need to be reminded of just
how lucky we are and who doesn't want to get as much
happiness from our lives as is possible.
If you looking for a good self-help book,
this is the one to purchase.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tide Pods

I really think I should start side-advertising on my blog
for extra cash because when I love something
I will shout it from the rooftops.
Since tomorrow, I am going to start some deep blogging,
decided today going to keep it light and say,
"What about Tide and these Pods!!!!"
There are some brands of groceries that I will go
generic on, not caring about the product but buying what
ever is cheaper. Toilet paper, paper towels, soap and
laundry detergent are the four things that will always
be name brand in my home.
Tide, as long as I am buying will always be the washing
detergent in this Riera home.
I went crazy with excitement when powder form of
detergent went to liquid as it was so much neater,
didn't leave clumpy powder on your clothes and all over
your washing machine.
I can only ask you to imagine, when during the Superbowl,
my excitement when I see Tide Pods...
are you joking, why wasn't this thought of sooner?
I mean cascade has been doing it for some time
to wash dishes and no one had did this for
laundry detergent.
SOOOO excited to buy my first Pods yesterday.
They are number one, cute.
Number two, light
Number three, not bulky
Number four, even neater than the liquid is.
No measuring, no waiting for enough
water to fill the tub so as not to stain your clothes.
Pop that little sucker in, put your clothes
Another reason why I love Tide all the better today.
This afternoon going to have friends from TES
visit for coffee and home-made desserts.
Cannot wait and I am sure the Pods will be brought up
as we catch up on so much.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gypsy baby

This week after spending a few days with
baby girl we talk a little about her life.
She is in the process of moving to Baton Rouge.
Ready for a change as she has realized again,
she hates college, does not know what she plans
to do for the rest of her life and is not willing to
stress over it.
This is my girl. She has been this way since she was young.
Listening to whatever you had to say but always
doing what it was she wanted to do anyway.
Being her parent has been easy...
and hard at the same time.
The hard part comes from being her parent
and wanting her to find out where she is going with her future
so that I can feel comfortable knowing she is settled and
can take care of herself.
She is so different from myself, HOBL and BB
and it gets scary sometimes.
Yet the same things that makes me crazy are also
the same things that I love about her.
The courage she has to truly live one day at a time.
We laugh often because she is never late paying her bills
and never asks for money but if all those bills are paid
and something comes up, she will find someone to take
her work shift so she can do something that came up
that seems more fun.
I asked her if I could change her blog name to GYPSY BABY.
Her answer was, "go for it"
She is my gypsy. She is the child who will
always plan on doing what it is that makes her happy.
She will wander to find out what it is that she wants
yet she will always make enough to take care of herself.
If she wants to spend a day in bed reading and eating
sunflower seeds she will. If there is a concert she wants to
see, she will work extra shifts to pay for it.
She lives on the "fly"
I wish sometimes I would have had the courage to live this way.
To take more chances than I did.
So again, I say, the things she does are the things that make
it hard to be her parent, but I know that she will
always take care of herself.
You can call GYPSY BABY at any time and sometimes she
will be there but note that if something better comes along,
she will not hesitate to change her plans.
However, when I am sick, she is the one
who will stop whatever she is doing to come to my aid.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cortisone, how I love thee...

After almost 5 days of fever, hanging from the bed
to the sofa able to eat hardly anything,
believing I could not have the flu, even though I was exposed
because I had the flu shot, I decided it
was time to go to see my trusty friend, Dr. P.
Sure enough, if it can happen, it has happen to me,
I have an unusual flu that seems to have not been
protected by the three common ones that
the vaccine protects you from.
Ugh, and it also seems like I may have the
beginning of a bladder infection which is never
good for me, especially when I can't feel the symptoms
of that until it gets really bad.
I waited so long so that I even had to
get GYPSY BABY (baby girls new name that she has allowed)
to drive me. Which landed up being the best part of being
sick, having GYPSY BABY come nurse her momma.
I got two shot in the bahootie.
One for nausea and one all mighty cortisone shot called Celestone.
OH, if they could find a healty way to use this stuff for
long amounts of time, I would so want a script.
It is so good for so many things and yet so damaging if
used too often and for long periods at a time.
Within 8 hours of those two shots I was asking myself
why in the heck do I wait so long to go to the doctor?
This time I know it was because I was convinced it was
not the flu. So this morning the cough and headache,
nasal yuck is almost gone. The nausea is still there
but that is my fault as last night when I finally could
eat I probably overdid it.
No body aches not to mention even the back feels better
than it has in some time.
I do know that tonight I may not sleep at all
and my face will be red and hot all day, side effects of
the cortisone but worth it.
I will be layed up for another day as I have
to be without fever for 24 hours before I am not contagious.
I have the very best doctor/friend who works me in
whenever I feel like I need it as well as
always knowing what to do to make things right.
She will always be my family doctor, no matter
how far I have to drive to see her.
The good part of all of this?
when called to save the day,
not only came to take care of her momma
but spent two nights with me just in case and
ran errands, picked up prescriptions as well
as food I needed.
when she comes to my rescue.
This late season, if you have flu symptoms even if you
had the vaccine, don't delay in going to the doctor.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dance Moms

Yes, I admit it, I watch all episodes of dance moms.
It's ridiculous how much I love reality TV.
I cannot lie, I love Abby Lee...
Even more after seeing her on the Rosie show
yes..... I watch Rosie too now that it is one on one.
Like all reality TV, they edit until only the worse parts
are shown. Hearing and seeing Abby Lee's side
on Rosie gave her a chance to explain herself.
She speaks of how much she truly loves children
that she never had her own family because
these children are all her own.
She speaks of all the students who are adults now,
employable adults. She speaks of how the show
does not show the love and hugs she gives to the girls.
How sometimes the children say they would rather
be with her in her studio than home with the chaos
of their home lives.
I believe her. I think she is a business woman
and although her antics on the show almost embark
on child abuse I think there is another side that the show
does not show. As she says, I don't train my dancers
to just win and be the best, I train that dance group
to be employable dancers.
There are many other children who are not featured
on the show who go for entertainment, excercise.
That is not this special dance group that is
portrayed on her show. These young girls are the best
and have been chosen for that, they are not just your
average dancers, she brags about them saying
they are fabulous, wonderful dancers.
Many of my great nieces dance and many are very, very good.
But there is our Lucy who is phenomenal.
LU is a perfectionist with all her work and especially
loves dancing. I think if she wanted she could be a professional
dancer, she could be an "employable" dancer.
I wonder what would happen to a dancer like Lucy
in Abby Lee dance studio.
I don't think her parents would ever allow it
but I tell you this,
Our LuLu would give Abby Lee a run for her money.
The tears would be turned...