Friday, February 8, 2013

80 years and going

On my long trips I love my talk radio.
Yesterday on my trek DTB, CSN tells me 
of the oldest married couple, married for 80 years, 80 YEARS!!!
Their interview is the sweetest and makes 
me long for the type of relationship that is built over
many years together. HOBL and I, too many times,
when living with the way of the world, sometimes
we are a little short tempered with each other,
our tone of voice is not alway loving.
Life sometimes gets in the way of reminding us 
that we are to be kind to those we love the most
and yet it is those people that we have less patience with.
The older we get, the nicer we are to each other.
We are comfortable and actually enjoy our time spent
doing not much.
We remind each other when we forget to speak nicely to each other.
I listen to the interview with this couple who are now in 
their late 90's and the husband shares,
"She has always worked hard but never outside the home.
Her job was to cook and clean for our family.
she was a good mother..."
He pauses and then says again,
"A very good mother."
All of us women, we will not say it but we long
to hear our spouses admit these types of things.
That the acknowledge those things we did well,
or that we are now doing well. We don't need
to hear it aloud but when we do, it makes us love
our spouse so much more. To hear the man you love,
or even the woman in your life, brag about the job 
you are doing is special and yet, we don't do it often enough.
As they interview the woman, a quiet squeeky little voice,
they ask her what is the secret and she says one sentence,
"he always has his hand on my knee,
He cannot keep his hands off of me."
So special, so, so special! 
May we all make our good relationships even better,
for those not in a relationship, find someone who
will love you in this way.
Happy Friday to all!

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  1. Love it......I hope for many years just like this for the rest of Rod & I's marriage....