Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mommee post

Our dear Mommy has not been feeling well and
yesterday, having to go back to the emergency room
with her all night, we finally got the answers to
why she has had chest pains and shortness of breath.
Blood clots in the lungs, known in the medical world
as Pulmonary Emboli.
Poor Mommy.
We all know that she is 92 and our time with her is limited.
It's the suffering we can't see without our hearts hurting.
The good news is, she can overcome this.
As the Heparin does its trick,
thinning her blood and helping the body to absorb
the clots, we are showering her with the love and
attention our Mommy deserves from having done
the same to each of us many times in our lives.
Her dementia makes this illness a tad bit harder
as she knows she feels terrible but continues
to forget why she feels bad. It's almost like
she is aggravated that she feels terrible.
We just keep reminding her how sick she is and
that she will feel better soon.
that is our hope. That she still has good days ahead.
Yet whatever she needs, she will have.
We will be there for our dear Mommy until she
takes her last breath. When her time comes,
she will not die alone.
We are now making plans to change our life schedules around
to assure she is no longer by herself at the hospital or
the Manor. She will have us to love up on her,
spoil her with baths, back rubs, kisses and hugs
until the good Lord takes her from us.
When this time happens we will all let go
knowing that the best mother in the world
has all she needs from the children she bore, loved,
nurtured. Pray for our family please.
With much love to my siblings, this remains
a lilbit of my world.


  1. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I do agree with you to cherish every moment you can. Love Ya!

  2. Mommie is the BEST!!! We love her so much! Praying for her day and night.