Thursday, February 7, 2013

reality tv, honey...

There is Teen moms and Dance Moms.
There is Real housewives of many places 
and there is swamp people.
There is the Duggers and Little People
then there is, in a category of their own....
yep, I watch it, and yes, I even laugh at them.
Sometimes I roll my eyes thinking they have gone a 
little too far but all in all,
they are the more "real life" reality show of all the ones out there.
They get a lot of flack in the media,
I hear on serous radio so many saying they should
be removed from TV or the parents should be reported
for child abuse, but lets be honest,
I know more people like the honey booboo family 
than I do the Housewives of all places.
Why is it when those rich ladies get richer by 
showing their spending ways and cat fights,
people watch and there is little talk of removing it from the air,
but when a poor redneck family cashes in on their
piece of the reality TV pie, so many want to criticize.
Having been born and raised in a small community known as
down the bayou or rather, DTB,
I know this family. Well, not this one in particular
but some just as strange and bazaar, some as uneducated as the
redneckonize clan here. I know, as I get older, that there 
are many different people that makes this world spin and
I believe honey boo boo is loved, loved more than
some children I have seen as a school nurse.
Why should they not cash in on the wave of reality TV.
Secretly, we can admit, many of our own families will
do some of the things they do on camera.
Difference is, when we pass gas loudly to shock the family,
there is not a tv camera to capture the memory.
I say, let them get their money and let them be able
to afford things they had not been able to do 
prior to the extra attention from reality Tv.
I watch, not religiously but I watch enough
to know it's okay to laugh and be entertained by a family
that reminds me of many families I have met in my life.

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  1. I agree! They're a little bit of all of us behind closed doors. lol Just proves my point that you can have all the money in the world and be miserable like the ones on Housewives. Or you just make ends meet and have a wonderful life. You make due with what you have.