Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nate Berkus

Most of you will know who Nate Berkus is.
The cutie-patootie who decorates on Oprah often.
I had been looking forward to Super Soul Sunday this
week to see her interview with Nate.
If I didn't love him before, I would love him now, for sure.
This book that he has written will be bought and
will be a part of my future library.
Not only is he pretty to look at but his story of
growing up gay and then loosing his partner,
Fernando in the Tsunami gives for a great story.
I had known about Fernando dying in the wave of 2004
but did not realize Nate was also there.
You cannot here his story and not shed a tear.
Well, maybe you can but then you may also be cold.
He speaks of his photographer partner and the loss of him.
He tells the story of before leaving for their vacation that
would take Fernando's life and change Nate's forever,
Fernando asked Nate what he would like as a gift for
their upcoming anniversary.  Nate answered that he would
want a photograph of two huge trees that Fernando had taken
and Nate had fallen in love with it.
His partner got very upset with him saying how could he
ask for something that he needed to sell?
How could he want something that was high demand for
thousands of dollars and to give it to Nate would have
meant a big cut in his finances.
Nate explains that he listened to all of this and
simply said to his love something to the effect of
"Don't ask me what I want if you don't want an honest answer.
Get me what ever you want but I'm not going to lie about what
I would love to have."
Days before they left for their vacation trip to Japan
Nate walked into their apartment to find the very same
photographs he had asked for hugely framed in 
their living room. He speaks of what an impact that was
in their relationship but didn't think of its significance until he 
returned from Japan without Fernando.
The Oprah interview is emotional and I love Nate more
now than ever. Watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

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