Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cajun dancing for Paw Paw Joe

Last night we followed the Guilbeau family to BR 
where PawPaw Joe goes to fulfill his love for cajun Music.
It was so kind of them to invite.
How glad I am that we took the invitation.
There is something about Bean, she loves crowds,
watching her take in an event is a joy because
she has sparkles in her eyes as she absorbs anything 
and even at her young age of 23 months, wants
to learn everything she sees.
She is a people person, we laughed as a family gathered
to take a family photo and she ran and sat right in front of
their row. HAHAHAHA
Years from now, that family will look at this family photo
and wonder just who in the heck is that blonde baby
in the family photo. 
So as the lessons took place, she watched, she watched the foot
movements as she and I lined up and held hands to learn.
She was so serious, then when the music started, our
girl went "hog wild" and never missed another dance.
Carter was sometimes her dance partner, wanted to hold his
hands and move her feet like the older dancers.
Carter was precious, figuring out that if his hands were in
his pockets, she couldn't grab them so he cooly,
put his hand in his pocket and danced his night away.
They were so much fun to watch.
 This picture right here, it melts me, I get geo-cud seeing it.
When she tired of dancing on the ground, she had one of us
pick her up to continue the dances.
I get teased a lot about always having a camera in my hand.
Sometimes my babies even tell me to stop.
Yet, I know secretly they love it and I remind them
that one day, I will be gone and they will be so glad I
flashed a camera in their faces so often.
Because of my camera, I captured this most beautiful picture.
A moment remembered such as this is priceless.
This was not just a hug, it was a dance.
KD waltz around the dance floor hugging her tightly,
I wonder if her thoughts were of just how lucky she was
that out of all babies, this one is hers, this special little girl
is a product of her and BB and the best for them.
I watched Bean as she got sleepy and listened to the music
and did not just hug her mommy but held her tightly as her
mommy also did. 
A picture says so much more than just a photo.

HOBL was probably one of the only ones who knew what
the singers were saying in french. For a laught from BB,
he loudly sang the songs being played. 
When he didn't know the words, he made them up...
the picture looks kind of creepy because the lights were off
but he did get the laugh from BB.
We had decided to stay until the small parade of dancers
and so glad we did. Bean was getting ready to fall asleep,
so sleepy but still going... like a duracell battery.
I really thought during the parade she would fall asleep on her daddy's
head, but she held it up.
There is one negative thing about being the picture taker and
that is you don't have many of yourself.
Bean and I, we had a few dances together and I was
able to snap this one.
This child makes me so happy, so proud, so loving.
I watched her mingle with those that she did not know,
follow a few older girls doing all they did.
She goes into a crowd and makes herself known and I
think, how darn lucky we are that she is ours.
Will post more pictures from my other camera later as
I have many more of KD's wonderful family who invited 
us to such a great night!

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