Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Mardi Gras has come and gone
and another Lenten season begins today with Ash Wednesday.
In the Catholic religion it is an important day,
where more Catholics make resolutions and keep them
than what is done at the new year.
We Catholics start our lenten season with the placement
of ashes and vow to either give something up for the 
next 40 days or do something for the same amount of time.
Some of us choose to stay away from meats today 
and each Friday during the season ending with Easter Sunday.
For me, I don't do it because I believe it is the only way
I can get to Heaven, I do it in Thanksgiving for all the
Big Man does for me and my family, sort of a thank you.
So today, before heading to Houma to spend the day with 
my besties and bestie babies, I will head to the small
church in Plaquemine known as St. Clement for 8:30
for the placement of ashes. 
I will start my lenten season in this way as a reminder
of the beginning of the penance I am choosing to do this year.
When I was younger, it was always Coke and chocolate
I gave up. Because I gave up chocolate for the year
(except when I went to movies) I will be giving up
all candies and cookies. This is going to be hard
as I would rather eat dessert rather than a meal.
Camille thought it was funny when she asked me
how I could give up chocolate for the year
and I replied,
"Simple I just replaced it with vanilla"
and really it is what I did. Have to stop that.
Whether Catholic or not, enjoy a most beautiful season
that we call Lenten but also falls during spring,
new things, fresh growth that spring brings us.

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