Friday, February 1, 2013

I want, I will have a library!!!!

Every home I have ever owned, 
I have wanted a library. Well, maybe not when we
first were married but definitely in the last 4 homes.
This home, this one will be the one that I finally 
achieve that dream. It won't be right away but
this home has the space for it. 
At first, I thought of putting it in the wasted, empty
loft space that there is no access to get to it
except with a very long ladder.
We decorated like a little cajun space because
it is seen when going up our staircase but it really
is just wasted space and it kills me that it can't
have a better purpose. Yet, there is no way to add a permanent
step to get there and it is at least 16 feet high. 
This idea for this space right now is just to keep it decorated
in a cajun theme changed with the holidays.
Now, my library obsession is focused on the huge, wasted 
back hall space that used to be the pups space.
HOBL removed the carpet in our huge closet and put flooring and 
they love it back there as well as now when company comes,
they are not irritated with barking dogs.
Now, we have this huge, 6 foot wide, 
at least 30 foot long hall that goes to my garage.
It has a window and empty walls, beautiful travertine floors,
a huge closet and absolutely, positively no use right now.
This morning my dear friend, Ashley has this
posted on her blog and I am, once again, obsessed
with wanting a library. I would kill to
be able to have the space to own this many books.
I want to add to my book collection and to 
own all my very favorite books even from when
I was a youngster!
I love, love, love books!!!!!!!
But, if you read my blog, you already know that. teehee
So, back to the long wasted hall....
I envision shelves all the way to the top 
of the 12 foot ceiling on both sides of the window.
Under the window a built in window seat with a most
comfortable place to lay and read with
a storage bin under for shoes and coats to grab
when going out to the car...
I see it in my mind,
won't be right away but eventually
the Riera home will house a library.
The longer I stay in this home, the more it becomes 
a part of me, of us.
It has taken me a while as I missed Thibodaux terribly 
at first but the longer I stay here, the longer
I see this place being a home I love.
I see HOBL and I retiring here.
When he is in Alaska, I miss our
time here sitting in the morning, drinking our coffee.
All we need now is aaaaaaaa....

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