Sunday, February 17, 2013

K & B engagement party

Last night was a wonderful celebration.
The beginning of the season of Katie and Brent's wedding.
The engagement party was beautiful, as was Katie.
The wind had just about died down so even though it
was cold, it was bearable and the crowd was awesome.
I have to think that everyone Katie invited came out to share
in this celebration. She deserves that.
From the crowd that gathered, you can tell just how special this couple
is to so many others.
As I told her parents last night, I, being close to her, know that
this child is different from most, I don't think the Big Man makes
many like her. Brent is one lucky man and I hope he never forgets that.
The first picture is Brent, watching Katie taking pictures with her friends.
The look on his face shows the pride he has that this woman
will become his wife. He will never have to worry about cheating,
laziness, unkindness with Katie at his side.

The second picture is of the couple with their brothers.
The four siblings who through a marriage will become one family.

 Third, Katie with her girls, those who will stand by her
on the altar. Each of these girls can attest to what kind of 
friend Katie is, has been. Once a friend, always a friend
with Katie.
The rest are photos of the crowd that came out as well as the 
beautiful home of Katie's boss and her husband.
Ms. Lisa, as Katie calls her, was insistent on having an
engagement party at her beautiful home.
It is a showpiece.
The food was wonderful and well set up for self service.

The outdoor area is so beautiful, that fireplace something that
anyone would love to have. People congregated around the
fireplace and it was just like an extension of the home.
I would love to have a fireplace like this outside my home and
the backyard I have could sport one very well.

 "Mrs. Lisa had the home decked out in the manner of my taste, of Katie's taste
and I was so proud to have been invited and a part of a wonderful celebration.
I got many decorating ideas from viewing this home.

 The outdoor kitchen was phenomenal! I would cook outside
more than inside had I had one such as this one.

 Thank you, Katie and Brent for allowing me to be a part
of this special night.
Both sets of parents are lucky.
Warren and Donna, Katie's parents, beam with pride 
when speaking of their baby girl. 
Warren shares with me last night, how easy it has been
to be her daddy and all he wants for her is to be happy
and cared for. He feels that Brent is the one who can
make her future all she deserves.
I warned him...
wait when the grandbabies come, you will never be the same.
He laughs at this because he knows I am speaking from
experience. I mean I moved an hour away just to be close
to my little grand baby.
A beautiful night with a beautiful couple 
filled with family and friends who prove just
how special they are to so many.
Looking forward to all the events to come between
here and July 5th when the wedding will begin
the establishment of a new family.


  1. You make me cry everytime Mrs. Lil!! Thank you so much for making the trip to be there last night! Love you!

    Katie the neighbor

  2. Ha, Katie the neighbor! love that you used that as its how you are known in our family. You, my dear, are a very special girl and I am proud to be called your friend!