Monday, February 11, 2013

Proof of Heaven

I have had so many blogs over the last years
that I don't remember what I have blogged about already and 
what I have not. My mind is always reeling about
ideas I want to blog and sometimes I think I already did that.
I am always reading a book or two and since finishing
Cajun Mariners, I am trying to finish all those books I 
have started and not finished.
There is always a book calling my name, jumping its
place on my "to read" list.
Last night, I begin again to try and read,
Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander, Md
I think somewhere I have already blogged about this book.
Today I just want to say that although I am intrigued
to read the book because he is a neurosurgeon who was
atheist until he had a near death experience and came
back to talk of life after this one.
I am not enjoying his type of writing.
I am loving the story behind his writing
and can get through the chapters when he speaks of his
family and how they handled the tragedy but
when he begins to write about the science part of 
his illness and trying to explain the technical aspects
of the experience it is quite boring.
I fell asleep on it a few times and I am not one
to fall asleep on a book unless very tired.
I am going to finish is as I always, always finish a book
I start but it will be one of those I am glad when I get 
to the end. Even with this said, I love the part
of him totally changing his beliefs about God
and Life after Death.
Faith is great but it is so good to have someone
go there and come back to explain it is not just a fairy tale.

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