Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Always a funny story

I can never come back from my Mommy's and 
not have some kind of funny story to share.
Last night was no different.
To share a dining table with Mommy, Mr. C. and
Ms. M. is a trip. No one is more confused
than our Mommy so it is very funny to hear her
complain of the confusion of others.
Here comes Ms. M...
Mom says,
"Ugh, here she comes, watch she is going to ask the 
same questions over and over"
Sure enough, "What time they serve us supper?"
I answer 5:30 and she also asks the same questions she
always asks me, who are you?
Mommy explains I am her baby girl.
"What time is supper?"
I think I am going to go take a nap well.
She walks down the hall and Mommy explains she
asks that question every night,  "you would think after all 
this time, she would know the answer, but she does that
all the time, asks the same things over and over."
Mommy continues,
"Not everyone is as lucky as I am though"
Then I kid you not, not even 5 minutes pass and she asks me,
"What time do they serve supper?"
HAHAHAHAHa nothing like a night at the Manor!
(picture has nothing to do with this blog but I love it,
Mom and baby boy back in the day)

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