Saturday, February 9, 2013

9 years ago today....

How can I post anymore than I have on the subject
of Baby boy and his sobriety?
So many posts have been about this part of our lives.
Yet, I cannot let today go by without celebrating the
fact that my baby boy has been sober for 9 years.
Nine years, that's a long time and some times it seems like
it was just yesterday. The pain we all were suffering and then
that day, the day we once again had hope that our son could
be sober and beat the dreaded disease of drug addiction.
Drug addiction is a family disease, the whole family
is affected, the immediate family as well as the extended family.
My baby boy, he did hard work to get where he was and
now all the promises of AA have been given to him.
A beautiful wife, a precious child, a wonderful home
and the security of a family that loves him as well
as an extended in-law family that have embraced him 
and love him as their own.
No longer do I refer to him as my "beautiful disaster"
Happy sobriety birthday my son.
So happy that your little girl will never have
to live the life of chaos that addiction brings to the family.
You, my dear, are my hero.

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  1. We love you so much, Roddie and we are very proud of you!!!