Monday, February 4, 2013

MOnday, monday, lalalalala

After staying up too late, thanks
to New Orleans Super dome and the power outage
for 40 minutes during the Super Bowl, I stayed up
too late. Thankfully, I am not a drinker as I 
would probably have a hangover along with being
sleepy this morning.
So happy for the Ravens in their win.
A great Monday morning for me however as, 
1) We wake up to finally having wood ducks in our
small bayou near our wood duck boxes which
means soon we will have baby ducks if they can
lay in the boxes.
2) gypsy baby showed up at 7 am to help her daddy 
with some painting. It's on the day I am leaving soon
but she is the kind of child that no matter what
kind of day you are having, the minute she walks
in, you are surrounded by happiness. It is what
her presence does to me.
You can be frustrated, aggravated and the minute
she comes in, it's like the sun shines again and you
have to be happy. I love gypsy baby for that.
3) Hate that I am leaving for the night on the first day
gypsy is here but it's going to be a fantastic day and
night as I head to spend the night with my Mommy.
Might get into a game or two of trouble.
It's a good Monday1

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