Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The strange feelings of caring for our terminally ill Mommy 
continues. Unless you have done it, you don't understand it.
If you have done it, you know exactly what I speak of.
When it is your turn to be with her, you look forward to it,
can't wait to see her and by the time your three days are up
you can't wait to be able to get away for a while, sleep 
in your own bed. You breath a sigh of relief that you are
so blessed with siblings who share the care with you
and you can get away to your own home for a bit.
Then you get home, you go to bed, you catch up on 
your rest, you spend time with your family but 
the whole time, your mind, your thoughts, your heart is
not completely there. You are worried and continuously 
thinking about the Mommy. You have so much to do,
so much you can do at your home and yet, you don't
get much done, you want to but don't have the will to do 
anything then before you know it, it is your turn to 
go back to care for the Mommy.
Oh, that was long.... but again, if you have done it,
you know exactly what I speak of.
On my way home last week from Thibodaux I stopped at
one of my favorite garage sale stores,
They were having a book sale and I love books
(as though you didn't know that)
I picked up plenty for my "library" and this one was
right there waiting for me to buy for 50 cents.
I have my own copy, read it when it first came out.
This copy will be going to Mommy's today and I will 
leave it there just in case any of the sisters are interested in 
reading it while there. It is the perfect type of book 
to have there. If you have not read it, it is one that I recommend,
especially if you find yourself with agnostic tendencies.
A Four year old child cannot talk of these things unless
he truly lived it. 
A thanks to all those followers who continue to not only 
pray for my family but think of us and take the time to add
well wishes here and on Facebook. We are such a
blessed family.

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  1. That is an awesome book!!! Praying for Mommie and for you all. It's so hard when one of our close loved ones is dying. It takes part of our heart away every day. Love you!!!