Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Really, Minta?????

Yes, this picture, right here, taken by my dear friend, Alli
yesterday, is My Mommy Minta.
Just two weeks ago, we were told she had a heart attack
and a week before that was diagnosed with 
numerous blood clots in her lungs.
The cardiologist, being very young but very informative,
told me and Mone that our Mommy was dying 
and if he could get her well enough to be discharged,
it would be on hospice and her time on this Earth would
be short lived. For the first few days we got her to
the Manor, we believed this to be true.
She went back to her home at the Manor on Hospice,
St. Joseph Hospice trained us on all the equipment that
may be needed as she entered the last part of her life,
we used the medications that were sent to keep her 
relaxed and calm and out of pain.
She spent most of her time in bed, in her pj's,
eating very little. We read the book given to us by Hospice
and there we learned that many of her days proved
that she was on her way to the other side.
We came to acceptance, stayed with her minute by minute,
some of us watched her breathing wondering if in her sleep,
she would leave us.  Then last week, Veronica and I
put her in the tub for a good bath, she asked to dress instead
of pajamas. Asked to get out in the wheelchair to see
St. Joseph Altar and every day since, she has improved.
Improved to the picture above. 
Gypsy Baby's boss joked with her saying she needed
to stop using her grandma dying as an excuse for time off.
We continue with hospice, hoping they don't think
she is too well for their care.
We are not silly, we know in a matter of time, she will
have another attack and we will need to use their services
and their medications to keep her out of the hospital,
but for right now, we bask in the glory of once again,
a well momma. I head there this afternoon to spend
my two nights and three days with her.
We continue our vigil, more for ourselves than for her.
Each of us, in our time alone with her, is blessed
with things she says to us, stories she tells us.
I do believe, she may be immortal.

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  1. I am happy to hear that Aunt Minta is doing better. That's one tough old gal!!