Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MINAJ verses Obama/pope

It is known by all who love our TEdi Bear, 
that she loves Nicki Minaj.
To the point that her Instagram name is
TediMinaj. I really never had an opinion of 
this rap rocker until I began watching American Idol
this year where she is a judge.
UGH! I can barely stomach the show because of Minaj.
"My little lady bug" said in that nasal tone makes
me want to throw up as well as change the channel.
thankfully Kieth Urban makes up for her insanity.
Since the season began I love giving my Tedi a hard time
about her Idol. She is never happy with me but 
thankfully, she has a great sense of humor,
thankfully, I do also.
I just love sending her texts and pictures that drive her
crazy. Last week I send her two.
These two are the ones I sent her last week.
I text her not to hate me but this is funny.
then I send her the second one texting,
"Accept this as my apology"
Because she loves her so much I decide to stop my
comical antics texting to her,
"My love is unconditional for you that is. Muah."
She answers, 
"I love you too nanny pants."
Days go by and this morning, I have this awaiting
me on my cell phone from my TEdi-Girl...
with her text of:
She knows I love Obama so I let her know
"Well that's a payback! Lol"
Geeze, I love this child's sense of humor!

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  1. She is a great kid and she is right!